Asia Healthcare Holdings raises $170 Million from GIC

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Asia Healthcare Holdings raises $170 Million from GIC
15 Feb 2022
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News Synopsis

The healthcare-focused private equity fund, Asia Healthcare Holdings backed by TPG Growth has raised $170 million in funding from sovereign wealth fund GIC of Singapore. The company invests and operates several single speciality healthcare companies.

It has invested around $200 million across a single speciality healthcare enterprise in oncology, mother and child care and fertility. It was launched in 2016 with the acquisition of Cancer Treatment Services International (CTSI), a facility operated in Hyderabad, India.

It has become a leading provider of high-quality oncology services in South Asia and expanded to a network of 11 cancer hospitals with a pipeline of several more hospitals under execution by 2019. 

The Motherhood Women & Children’s Hospital network has also grown from three hospitals to 16 hospitals in 2021. AHH also acquired Nova IVF in 2019 and grew it from 19 IVF centres to 50 IVF centres in 35 cities in India and South Asia.

The executive chairman of AHH, Vishal Bali has said that the AHH has built a differentiated approach to bridge the demand-supply gap in healthcare services in India and South Asia region by backing single speciality healthcare delivery enterprises with a combination of capital, operating enterprise and cutting edge practices to power their growth.

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