Apple Working On AI That Will Detect Depression And Other Mental Health Issues

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Apple Working On AI That Will Detect Depression And Other Mental Health Issues
09 Jan 2023
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Latest Updated on 9 January 2023

It looks like Cupertino is now working on creating tools and developing AI software that would be able to track the user's mental health. Apple has always attempted to raise its game when it comes to iPhones. Because mental health is a problem that has only recently started to receive the attention it deserves, many individuals have no idea that they have mental health problems.

This step may be quite beneficial in addressing mental health problems. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Cupertino thinks that the hardware capabilities of its iPhone combined with information on sleep habits, physical activity, and other health factors can enable it to decide whether a user is going to experience depression, anxiety, or cognitive decline.

Apple is also developing technologies to aid in the diagnosis of depression and cognitive decline in addition to checking for signs of depression. For this, the business is likely to use physical and physiological data including typing speeds, typos, breathing rate, and walking among other indicators to identify digital signs of an underlying mental health condition.

The corporation may analyze factors like the user's typing speed, frequency of typos, speech patterns, frequency and pace of walks, heart and respiration rates, sleeping habits, and facial expressions in order to assess mental health status.

The internet giant is working on technology-related research to achieve these targets with the University of California and the pharmaceutical business Biogen. According to reports Cupertino has given the UCLA project the codename "Seabreeze" and the Biogen project the codename "Pi."

There doesn't look to be a release date for these tools or this technology just yet, which makes sense given that if Apple is creating such a technology it won't make it public until it is happy with it. According to reports, Cupertino is also working to develop tools that would prevent individuals from uploading critical personal health information to Apple servers in order to protect user privacy.

Last Updated on 23 September 2021

One of the biggest illness that people of this generation suffers from is mental illness such as depression, anxiety, etc. As we live in a fast-moving world, our lives have become more alienated. All this has left a deep impact on our mental health. The statistics around depression are shocking, to say the least and yet not many people reach out to take professional help from therapists. This is more so because many people ignore the symptoms that they may have and go on with their lives. Apple has thus decided to develop artificial intelligence that will detect depression in people using advanced technology.

Apple is working on this technology and would include them in future iPhone models. This technology would take the help of many sensor data to reach a conclusion. It will take into account the search history, human activity, health-related information such as blood pressure, heart rate, and would also account for sleeping patterns to detect depression. The technology would also help people in identifying earlier autism traits in their children. This technology has the potential to change the face of entire health-related AI.

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