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Apple to Unveil Major Siri AI Updates at WWDC 2024: What's in Store for the Virtual Assistant?

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Apple to Unveil Major Siri AI Updates at WWDC 2024: What's in Store for the Virtual Assistant?
31 May 2024
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News Synopsis

Apple plans to revamp Siri with advanced AI, enhancing app control and automation. Expected highlights at WWDC 2024 include improved navigation, task management, and new AI-driven features, promising a better user experience.

Apple’s Plans to Rework Siri with Advanced AI

Apple is planning to rework its virtual assistant, Siri, with advanced artificial intelligence. The company aims to enhance Siri’s capabilities, enabling users to control individual app functions using their voice, according to a Source. This update will allow Siri to take command of all features within apps, adding to the speculation that Apple will focus on AI development at WWDC 2024.

Siri AI Update: A Highlight of WWDC 2024

The Siri AI updates could be the highlight of WWDC 2024, starting on June 10. According to the report, the updated Siri will improve control and navigation on iPads and iPhones with greater precision.

For example, Siri will be able to open individual documents, move notes to different folders, send or delete emails, open specific publications in Apple News, email web links, and even provide article summaries.

Expanded Capabilities and Automation

The updated Siri will also analyze user activities and automatically enable Siri-controlled features. Initially, this functionality will be limited to Apple’s own apps, but the company plans to support various commands eventually.

While Siri will initially handle one command at a time, Apple intends to enable users to chain commands together. For instance, users could ask Siri to summarize a recorded meeting and then text the summary to a colleague in one go. Although this feature may take time to become available, it indicates Apple’s broader exploration of Siri’s potential.

AI-Driven Task Management

The new version of Siri will be able to automatically determine whether a task should be handled on the device or via the cloud, leveraging AI. This advanced capability will require a significant software overhaul. Apple plans to revamp Siri using large language models, a core technology behind generative AI, to support these new features.

WWDC 2024: The AI Push

The Worldwide Developers Conference 2024 is expected to showcase Apple’s renewed focus on AI. The tech giant plans to introduce several AI-driven features, marking a significant return to the AI race.

This comes after competitors Microsoft and Google announced their AI intentions. At WWDC 2024, viewers can expect announcements of new AI features, including voice memo transcriptions and summaries, quick recaps of websites and notifications, automated message replies, advanced photo editing, and AI-generated emojis.

Apple’s Bet on AI for Enhanced User Experience

With these developments, Apple is betting on delivering a better user experience with higher capabilities. The new Siri features require a significant software overhaul, positioning Apple to make a substantial impact in the AI domain.

As Apple prepares to unveil these updates at WWDC 2024, users can anticipate a more powerful and intuitive Siri, reflecting the company’s commitment to advancing AI technology.