Apple likely to make a big decision regarding iPhone

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Apple likely to make a big decision regarding iPhone
07 Mar 2022
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News Synopsis

The United States based technology company- Apple Incorporation is famous worldwide for their top of the line smartphone series- iPhones. iPhones are known for their phenomenal performance. According to some media reports, Apple is likely to take a big decision regarding changes in the upcoming iPhones. According to these reports, Apple is considering removing charging ports from its new upcoming smartphones. Earlier it was reported that the entire charging interface is going to be removed. With the removal of these, wireless charging will be the sole way remaining to charge your iPhones. A lot of European and other countries had earlier demanded that Apple should convert the charging port of its iPhone to Type-C. A few years back some students successfully converted their iPhone X’s charging port to a Type-C port. However, Apple has not released any statement regarding these reports. Apple tomorrow in its March 8th event is going to unveil the new iPhone SE 3, new iPad Air, and other products. Apple also recently announced that it has halted its sales in Russia and limited its digital services in order to express solidarity to Ukraine.

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