Another Korean Thriller 'My Name', Surging In Popularity

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Another Korean Thriller 'My Name', Surging In Popularity
20 Oct 2021
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News Synopsis

Netflix has released a new woman-centric criminal thriller series helmed by Kim Jin-min. According to streaming analytics company FlixPatrol, ‘My Name’ has moved to fourth place in the list of top TV series and sixth place in the worldwide TV show category on Netflix as of Monday. 'My Name' landed in the top ten in Europe and sixth in the United States, where K-dramas are gaining popularity. This series tells the story of a young woman who would go to any length to avenge her father's death.

On the day of its release, ‘My Name’ topped the daily streaming chart in Korea and was second in five other countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The stock price of Studio Santa Claus, the production firm behind 'Squid Game,' is also rising as the popularity of their follow-up drama 'My Name' grows.

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