Angad Daryani - The Young Innovator

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Angad Daryani - The Young Innovator
05 Jan 2023
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Latest Update- 05/01/2023

Angad Daryani who then went on to build a remote-controlled hovercraft in standard six with the help of his science professors Mr. Dilip Ogale and Mr. Shailesh Sansare and YouTube instructions. Daryani loved sports and also had a few other hobbies like violin playing, public speaking, photography, traveling, art and design. He indulges in spending a lot of time playing with technology since he wants to be an automotive designer. At a very young age, he made the decision to stop studying by rote and left school in the ninth standard. He later completed formal education in the eleventh standard.

Daryani started working on making expensive DIY items because she wanted to introduce millions of children to the process of making things independent of their economic status. He wanted to improve people's lives. with this idea in mind, he launched Sharks in July 2010 a low-cost DIY kit business for skill development.

At the age of thirteen Daryani invented India's first 3D printer. At the age of fourteen, she founded SharkBot 3D Systems and presented an "eye pad" for the blind. The Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai is using one of his prototype 3D printers. Vaibhav Chabbra the founder of the Makers Asylum in Mumbai which is one of the most famous maker spaces in our country today was directly involved in the original formation of the organization. Angad acknowledges this to them. I don't map my life in objectives and successes instead, I have a broad yet particular life goal of working towards becoming a better person and contributing to this world in a very positive manner the 19-year-old says now.

Daryani says Some more people I really look up to are Prof. Ramesh Raskar from MIT, Elon Musk, and Prof. Manu Prakash from Stanford. Daryani a student who was previously home-schooled views the internet to be his second school because he received 90 percent of the content online.

He is currently pursuing Electrical Engineering at Georgia Tech and all of his projects are currently on hold since he wants to finish his education first.

Managing a company while working with MIT and being in school was not trouble-free because my employees were almost twice my age, and getting them to respect my word and treat my work as a legitimate company rather than just a small project of a child raise significant amounts of money while that young and be in school was not easy shares Daryani. Following completing his education he plans to return to India and begin using social entrepreneurship and frugal innovation to address significant issues.

At such a young age Daryani has had a successful journey which speaks volumes about the commitment and dedication he has already shown. Daryani who serves as an example for young people today wants the following generation to follow to this motto: learn not for the grades or degrees but for the knowledge and application. every day push the limits of your skills and face your worries.

Last Updated- 15/09/2021

Innovation is at its peak this has been proved again by a young Indian mind. Angad Daryani, an asthmatic guy felt threatened by the increasing risks of the polluted air that surrounds us and the nasty effects it has on us. He realized that the air we are currently breathing is becoming a common factor in most heart and lung-related diseases. But this led him to innovate and invent an air purifier that comes with numerous characteristics. It not only comes at an affordable price but is easy to use and doesn’t require regular cleaning of filters as in a conventional air purifier.  The cherry on the cake is the fact that this device will not only help purify the air but will also help tiles makers by providing the collected waste, which will work as a raw material for them. This device that he invented is also of such a size that it can easily fit on electric bulb towers for the public. If this innovation is spread across the nation we will gradually start to get off the charts of having some of the most heavily polluted cities on earth.