Amazon Plans To Launch Its Own Television In The United States By October

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Amazon Plans To Launch Its Own Television In The United States By October
04 Sep 2021
8 min read

News Synopsis

If there's one trusted and reliable brand that comes to our minds for online shopping, that is none other than Amazon. It has made a household name within a few years of its launch. The reliability this e-commerce platform possesses is far beyond perfection. Its fast delivery and awesome deals have made us depend on Amazon way too much. Well, it's all worth it in the end. The platform even let's sell its own products on the website. Which gives an opportunity to start up brands or products over Amazon.

Now, this good news will leave you jumping with joy! Amazon is set to launch its own TV by October and what's more fun than having voice-over-energized by our very own homegrown Alexa? Amazon is not just an online shopping platform but also a great medium to explore technical aspects of the world. For instance, take Alexa and many other life-changing devices that are specially powered by Amazon. We surely can't wait to watch out for such a grand surprise yet to unravel on the big screen. The good news is that the Amazon team has been working on this huge project for almost two years now. This digital initiative will also be launched in India and we hope we get a glimpse of such an advancement in technology. Amazon is the only brand to launch its own medium of television and we can't wait to switch to an endless number of channels which is different from our traditional television sets and OTT platforms.