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Amazon Launches Independent Cloud for Europe to Address Strict Privacy Standards

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Amazon Launches Independent Cloud for Europe to Address Strict Privacy Standards
26 Oct 2023
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News Synopsis

Amazon Introduces AWS European Sovereign Cloud to Meet Stringent EU Privacy Standards

Ensuring Data Sovereignty in Europe Amazon is addressing the stringent privacy and data protection standards in the European Union by launching the AWS European Sovereign Cloud, a dedicated cloud service for the EU region.

This initiative aims to provide customers in Europe, particularly companies and public sector organizations, with a secure and compliant cloud environment that respects the EU's data sovereignty regulations.

Independent, Secure, and Compliant

The AWS European Sovereign Cloud operates independently within Europe, offering the same security, availability, and performance as existing AWS regions while maintaining separation.

Notably, customers using this cloud service will have the ability to retain all metadata created within the European Union. Additionally, the service introduces its own billing and usage metering systems to ensure compliance with local regulations.

Strengthening Commitment to Data Privacy

Max Peterson, Vice President of Sovereign Cloud at AWS, highlights the commitment to data privacy and security with the AWS European Sovereign Cloud. This solution enhances sovereignty controls, privacy safeguards, and security features available in the cloud, ensuring that customer data remains protected and under EU jurisdiction.

Addressing Transatlantic Data Concerns

The AWS European Sovereign Cloud responds to growing concerns about transatlantic data protection, which intensified after the European Union's top court invalidated the Privacy Shield data sharing agreement in 2020.

This agreement allowed businesses to transfer data to the U.S., but its limitations raised concerns about U.S. government access to user data. Amazon's dedicated European cloud serves as a data residency solution, allowing customers to keep their data within the EU.

Collaborating with European Regulators

AWS is working closely with European regulators and national cybersecurity agencies to develop the AWS European Sovereign Cloud. This collaboration is focused on meeting additional data residency, operational autonomy, and resiliency requirements specific to the European market.

Initial Deployment in Germany

The AWS European Sovereign Cloud will be launched in Germany as the first AWS Region within this initiative. This offering ensures that EU-resident AWS employees located in the EU have control over operations and support. It empowers public sector organizations and businesses with high data security and data protection needs to leverage AWS services.

Expanding AWS Presence

Amazon Web Services currently operates eight regions across Europe and is further expanding its global footprint with plans to launch five additional AWS regions in Canada, Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Thailand.

Relevant and latest facts about AWS

  • The European Union is the world's largest digital economy, with a GDP of over €1.6 trillion.

  • The EU has some of the strictest data privacy laws in the world, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • Amazon is the leading cloud provider in Europe, with a market share of over 25%.

  • The AWS European Sovereign Cloud is expected to launch in Germany in 2024.

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