Amazon is charging its sellers a 5% fee due to inflation

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Amazon is charging its sellers a 5% fee due to inflation
14 Apr 2022
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News Synopsis

On Wednesday, Global E-commerce giant, Amazon confirmed that it is charging a 5% surcharge on its online sellers from April 28. The said surcharge will be applicable on sellers using the E-commerce platform and not on Amazon’s customers. However, it will most likely increase the prices of the items listed on Amazon. Rising fuel prices and rate of inflation are considered to be one of the major reasons behind this decision of the U.S.-based E commerce giant.

Amazon team in a message to third-party sellers, wrote, "We know that changing fees impacts your business, and our teams are working each and every day to ensure FBA remains a great value for the premium fulfillment and delivery service it provides. Since 2020 and inclusive of this change, Amazon has increased fulfillment rates less than other carriers, and continues to cost significantly less than alternatives."

The merchants who will be affected by this decision are all based in the United States and use the e-commerce giant's suite of warehousing and delivery services for third-party sellers called Fulfillment by Amazon. According to a spokesperson of Amazon, Overall rates for these sellers remain $2.52 per unit for "the slowest standard shipping options" and $14.08 per unit for two-day shipping options.

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