Airtel Launches 5G Services In Seven Cities Of Jammu And Kashmir

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Airtel Launches 5G Services In Seven Cities Of Jammu And Kashmir
28 Jan 2023
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News Synopsis

Airtel Launches 5G Services In Seven Jammu and Kashmir Cities On Friday, telecom provider Bharti Airtel Ltd. said that its 5G services would soon be available in Samba, Kathua, Udhampur, Akhnoor, Kupwara, Lakhanpur, and Khour.

In a statement, Airtel said its 5G services would be made gradually available to users as the company built out its network and completed the rollout.

The company announced in a statement that "Samba, Kathua, Udhampur, Akhnoor, Kupwara, Lakhanpur and Khour get ultrafast Airtel 5G Plus services in addition to Jammu and Srinagar cities,"

 "Connectivity to our customers in the Valley is in line with our commitment to bridge the digital divide and connect communities who need it the most." said Adarsh Verma, Chief Operating Officer of Bharti Airtel, Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh.

The entire Union territory will soon be lit up, enabling clients to enjoy ultrafast access to high-definition video streaming, gaming, multiple chatting, rapid photo uploading, and more, Verma added.

The third-largest mobile phone provider in the world in terms of customer count, Bharti Enterprise of India, owns the international name Airtel.  The story of Airtel began with a straightforward idea. What do we value most in life? It's also a fairly straightforward response.

Friendship exists! As a result, Airtel, the number one friend network, launched its business in 2010 with the same guiding principle of enjoying life to the fullest while spending time with friends, both online and off. To include youngsters in worthwhile pursuits, promote progressive ideas, and open their eyes to a wide range of enjoyment,

Leading international telecommunications provider Bharti Airtel Limited has operations in 18 nations in Asia and Africa. headquartered in India's New Delhi In terms of users, Bharti Airtel is one of the top 3 mobile service providers worldwide. Along with offering long-distance connectivity on a national and international scale, the company provides a comprehensive suite of telecom products to its business clients.

Additionally, the company provides IPTV and digital TV services. All of these services are provided either directly or through affiliated businesses under the umbrella brand "airtel." The firm is divided into four main business groups, including Digital TV, Mobile Telemedia Enterprise, and Publishing. The mobile company provides services in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and India. In 95 Indian locations, the Telemedia company offers broadband IPTV and phone services.

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