AFI Fires Uwe Hohn Neeraj Chopra-s Coach For Criticism

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AFI Fires Uwe Hohn Neeraj Chopra-s Coach For Criticism
15 Sep 2021
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News Synopsis

Neeraj Chopra won the gold in Tokyo Olympics and made the whole country proud. His win was celebrated all across the nation. But the man who coached Neeraj and helped him to win a gold medal is now being targeted mercilessly for criticizing the national body, AFI or Athletics Federation of India. Apparently, Uwe Hohn criticized the body heavily and got this fate. The AFI has decided to rebuke Uwe Hohn’s contract and hire two new coaches. This comes as a surprise since Use Hohn’s tenure as a coach has been extremely beneficial for India and yet the officials at AFI told that they are taking this step since they are not happy with Uwe’s performance. 

Although AFI gave their reasons for sacking Hohn it is crystal clear that they are acting out of insecurity. Hohn’s criticism has led them to take this decision. India and Indian organizations have always been reluctant towards open criticism and this case is yet another blatant example of that. The condition of athletes and sports in India is thin and the future isn’t at all bright, given that there is a systemic change from inside. Athletes mostly train on themselves and bear their own expenses, and when they win, it becomes a matter of national pride and everyone wants something out of that win. That’s the blatant reality of our nation. 


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