‘Not As Simple As If Pegasus Used’, Says Govt, Offers Panel To Dispel ‘Wrong’ Talk

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‘Not As Simple As If Pegasus Used’, Says Govt, Offers Panel To Dispel ‘Wrong’ Talk
17 Aug 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

There are many sides to the whole ‘Pegasus’ scandal. There’s the technical side of the story which concerns itself around the whole technicality of the case. Then there’s the ethical side to the case which revolves around the privacy debate. The government says one thing while the petitioner insists on something else. 

Last month when the case broke out, it was a huge scandal. Pegasus, a spyware software developed by Israel, is used to spy on devices of people who are suspected of being involved in terrorist and anti-national activities. Many countries use this spyware to keep track of a lot of people. Privacy is a myth and this tech just proves exactly that. When the story broke out last month, the names of many Indians were on the list of suspected people whose devise was illegally hacked by the software. 

Those who were on the list were all high-profile people such as politicians, journalists, etc. This flagged many alarms and led to a petition being filed against the center demanding to know whether it indeed used the technology or not. Center didn’t accept the allegations but, and here comes the tricky part, it neither refused it altogether. The reaction was mixed which was a huge red flag. There’s something that’s definitely going on and if that’s the case then the center should be held accountable. Violating someone’s privacy is a big crime and if the case is proved to be true, then it’ll be a huge embarrassment for the center. 

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