‘Mosque Man’: India’s Hindu Architect Designs Dozens Of Mosques

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‘Mosque Man’: India’s Hindu Architect Designs Dozens Of Mosques
31 Jul 2021
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News Synopsis

Govindan Gopalakrishnan better known as the “Mosque Man”, puts his career, crossing sixty years to build “the oneness of humanity”. This old architect keeps copies of the Quran, Bible, and the Hindu scripture Gita in his home in Kerala. His actions prove that he is a strong believer in religious oneness and harmony.

Despite being born in a Hindu family, Gopalakrishnan maintains ‘Roza’ during the holy month of Ramadan, he also fasts 41 days during the Sabarimala pilgrimage. His wife is a Christian, so he keeps fasting for the Easter month as well. Gopalakrishnan is also the originator of Maanava Maitri, a social and charitable organization that promotes religious understanding and tolerance. After devoting his life to building memorials, Gopalakrishnan has an unfulfilled wish to start a religious school where the Gita, Quran, and Bible can be taught to students.

He started to Learn by experiments and errors, his sharp observations helped him to give birth to a new art of the structures he designed. He has no formal degree in architecture, yet, the “Mosque Man” grip the architectural techniques, his inflexible work, and the skill to deliver amazing thoughts to his clients, give him this outstanding success. Manhood is not something To divide one from other, but to unite ourselves. God is One, without dividing our society we all should accept and walk towards unity like the Mosque man. 

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