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13 Jan 2022
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boAt Lifestyle is a young firm that has only begun to venture into the vast world of audio products. Despite the competition, though, the numbers seem positive for them as they continue to climb. During its first two years, the company suffered. Aman and Sameer began with a capital of approximately $3 million, which came from the two founders. #ThinkWithNiche


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The company's track record isn't particularly impressive. The Delhi-based startup was launched in 2016 by Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta. The company bills itself as a lifestyle brand that sells trendy consumer electronics. The goal of BoAt Lifestyle was to provide low-cost, long-lasting audio equipment and accessories to millennials. Several aspects have been credited with boAt's success. Let's have a look at them now.

boAt's Innovations and a Customer-centric Approach

The company's user community is known by a unique moniker. Anyone who buys a boAt product is labeled a boAthead and invited to join the clan. As a result, users will feel more at peace. The corporation keeps a close eye on the needs of its customers and develops products in response. The company's first product was a non-breakable Apple charging wire and charger. The product was founded after the founders saw a need for it.

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Showing it as a Lifestyle Brand

The company portrays itself as a lifestyle brand rather than a consumer electronics company. This strategy was on display at the 2019 Lakmé Fashion Week in Mumbai, as models walked down the runway for one of the designers wearing only boAt items as their sole accessories.

Expanding Catalog

After debuting the durable Apple charging cable and charger, they followed up with an audio line that included earbuds. According to the company's critical customer insight, Indians adore bass. The brand's first earbuds were called BassHeads.

Right Targeting

Brands are a way of life for millennials. The brand targets the youth by offering trendy and affordable things. Furthermore, all of the brand evangelists are under the age of thirty. Most of the hoopla surrounding boAt has come from brand advocates who represent India's most popular passions (and obsessions) - Bollywood and cricket. The company even creates goods just for teenagers. For example, among India's fitness-conscious millennials, sports earphones and Bluetooth speakers have become popular. Customers choose goods that suit their exercises, routes, and walks, or, to put it another way, their way of life.

boAt's Online Marketing

The company has relied on online techniques to sell its goods. The brand has shied away from traditional media such as television and print. They mostly promoted their projects on Facebook and other social media platforms. The majority of millennials are online, according to one of the founders. "What has worked for boAt is the community of followers they have developed online, which is pretty amazing," says Pankaj Mirchandani, managing partner of Rhythm Corner Alaknanda (RCA), a marketer and distributor of electronics in India.

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We've virtually completed this lifestyle brand's brief journey. They have just recently joined the market, but they have already acquired a small portion of it. The hallmark of boAt lifestyle has been the beautiful and sturdy products. Their impact on the market has been so significant that big companies like JBL have been compelled to cut their pricing to compete in the affordable audio segment due to the popularity of boAt's products. It's fascinating because, as previously stated in the blog, Aman used to work for JBL.

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