Are Tik-Tokers Eating Up the Space of Bloggers

22 Feb 2022
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Tik-Tokers are enjoying a lot of sponsors these days because of the huge fanbase they have of Gen Z, but they are facing a lot of criticism from other content creators that they are eating up their space. Let's take a deep dive and look at why sponsors prefer Tik-Tokers more than the bloggers. #TWN


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TikTok has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years, and with the unfortunate event of Covid-19, when people were locked up in their houses and didn’t have much to do, TikTok was on fire. People had a lot of free time, and TikTok saw a boom in the number of both the audience as well as creators. Since TikTok is a short video creation platform, creators posted 10-20 videos a day which took hardly 5-10 minutes to create one, and people had a lot of free time. But, hatred comes in handy with fame TikTok has always been criticized for killing creativity and taking away the audience of the well deserved. Now, as TikTok is gaining so much popularity, it is giving existential crises to a lot of other creators who work in different criteria like vloggersbloggers, etc. Let’s see why bloggers are facing an existential crisis because of TikTok.

The Difference 

A good blog is a perfect blend of excellent research and creativity. People who are not bloggers might think that it is an easy task, but blogging takes a lot of hard work. A blogger's hustle starts from the day he has to research the topic and does not end till the day he has posted the blog. A blogger has to look into several aspects while doing the research for the blog, trending topics, unbiased opinions, correct facts, keywords, etc. The creative part starts from the day when he starts writing the blog. He has to decide how to use creative language but at the same time is understood by the masses, what visuals he should put in his blogs and what should be the title of his blogs. His duty does not end here, he has to check for plagiarism and grammar, and after making sure that his blog is perfect, he finally posts that blog. Now you know how much hard work creating a blog requires. Let’s see what creating a viral TikTok requires. 

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TikTok is loved by creators all over the world, as it is easy to use TikTok as compared to any other content creation platform, many people who were not able to post on youtube because of the complexities it carried can post on it TikTok because it’s easy to use interface. TikTok has helped many small influencers to come into the limelight. But, TikTok is often blamed for killing creativity as most of the influencers on TikTok often post repetitive content, and a million videos are posted on the same trend with somewhat similar content. Hence, Tik Toker does not put a lot of effort into creating content. Most of the criticism Tik Toker has to face comes from another platform that has a long video posting format. Creating a TikTok also does not requires expensive resources, like for blogging, you often require a Laptop, magazine, and other resources for research, apart from that, you require a website for posting and a few other tools for editing, but for creating a TikTok, you just require a cell phone, and you are good. Every other feature like editing, filters, and a platform for posting, everything is provided to you by TikTok for free. Therefore, the number of creators on TikTok is increasing with every passing day creators from other platforms are continuously leaving their platform and are creating an account on TikTok.

Tik-Tokers vs. Bloggers Average Income

There is a huge difference between the income of the Tik-Tokers and Bloggers. A Tik-Toker with over 1 million followers has an income between $5000 to $20,000. Yes, you heard it right, but I forgot to tell you that this income is not for a year or even for a month they earn this amount per post, and as I told you, a Tiktoker does not post one video in a day, but they put out almost 5-10 videos a day so you can imagine the income of these Tiktokers per day. Ok, but this is the income of the top creators of TikTok, what about the creators with fewer followers? Well, even their income is not that bad. A Tiktoker with 5000-50,000 followers has an income of around $20 to $200. I know that it does not seem to be much but don’t forget, this Income is per post.

Now let’s check out the income of a blogger in the U.S.A. are you ready for the shock? The Topmost bloggers have a salary of $89,500 per annum. It’s also a pretty good wage, you may argue, but it seems to be nothing when compared to the Tiktokers. An average blogger's income is way too less if we compare it to an average tik-toker. While an average Tik Toker earns around $200 per post, an average blogger earns $33,668 per year. You may ask, why is there so much difference between the incomes of these two professions? Well, the answer is quite simple, ads, the prime source of income for both bloggers and tiktokers are sponsors. The more sponsors they receive, the more income they generate, and Tiktokers have much more sponsors than Bloggers. Why is this happening? Let’s find out.

Why do Sponsors prefer Tik-tokers Over Bloggers?

As we discussed earlier, Tiktokers and bloggers have the same source of income. The more brands approach them for promotion, the more they can earn by running their ads, but the question arises, why are brands promoting themselves more on TikTok than Blogs? Well, this is because of traffic! Brands don't care which content creator put more effort into creating their content, the only thing that matters to them is numbers, i.e., How many customers a particular influencer or platform can provide them, and we all know that TikTok receives much more traffic than any popular blogging website. The reason why TikTok receives more traffic is the internet is flooded with teenagers, and Gen Z consumes the content of TikTok like crazy. They don't spend much time reading because of their lack of interest. The attention span of teenagers has been reduced severely because of the internet. While a TikTok requires only an attention span of just 30 seconds, a blog requires at least 5 minutes of reading time. Hence, teenagers prefer TikTok much more than blogs which ultimately increases the traffic of TikTok, which results in Tik-Tokers getting much more sponsors than a Blogger.

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No matter what your passion is, you need to pay your bills ultimately, and when your passion does not pay you handsomely, you ultimately lose motivation and often end up quitting that field. The same is happening with Bloggers. They are losing motivation, and many bloggers have shifted to youtube or TikTok as it pays more with much less effort. The more the brands are shifting towards TikTok, the less the Bloggers are getting paid. Hence the feeling of worthlessness often strikes the bloggers. Me being a blogger myself, can tell you it takes hours and sometimes even days to publish a good blog, and when you don’t get paid accordingly, you ask yourself this question: is it even worth it? Although the blogs might not be as entertaining as TikTok, they provide you with the knowledge required for a specific topic, and hence, blogs might not be receiving as much traffic as TikTok but will never go out of business.

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