UP Global Investors Summit 2023: A Commitment Of Inclusive Development

20 Jan 2023
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The flagship investment summit of the government of Uttar Pradesh will be held in Lucknow from February 10–12, 2023, under the title Global Investors Summit (UPGIS). The three-day Investors Summit will bring together policymakers, government officials, academics, corporate executives, business delegations, and think tanks from all over the world to jointly explore business opportunities and create alliances.

The Government of Uttar Pradesh has set an aspirational goal of transforming the State into a USD 1 Trillion economy in the next 5 years as part of the UP Global Investors Summit 2023 initiative, which is tied to the vision of the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India of making our country a USD 5 Trillion economy. Let's have a look at how UP Global Investors Summit 2023 is insuring its Commitment to the Inclusive Development of Uttar Pradesh.


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There are only a few weeks left until the Uttar Pradesh (UP) Global Investors Summit 2023. The state government, led by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, has been working tirelessly to be ready for the UPGIS in order to provide the state with a new level of industrial and economic development. Several of the attempts have, according to official updates, paid off, and the state has been able to secure investment bids totaling close to Rs 7 lakh crore.
Under the direction of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, state representatives have also been traveling internationally to obtain a variety of investment proposals. 

By formulating more than 25 policies to attract investment across the defense and aerospace manufacturing, electric vehicle manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, electronics manufacturing, tourism, textile, MSME, and other sectors, the government of Uttar Pradesh has taken a number of reformative steps toward building a holistic ecosystem for industrial development. Through this flagship Investment Summit, the State Government hopes to increase Uttar Pradesh's investment attractiveness to the investor community and foster prospects for the State's inclusive growth.

UP Global Investors Summit 2023: A Commitment Of Inclusive Development

Major Attendees Of The 2023 Global Investors Summit

More than 10,000 delegates (domestic and international) from more than 20 different countries are expected to attend UPGIS 2023. This event will have a significant impact and serve as a unique forum for business networking, knowledge sharing, and strategic partnerships by bringing together business executives, political and economic dignitaries, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals from all over the world.

The Government of Uttar Pradesh has released a new online system for signing Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) and monitoring their implementation with the goal of attracting investment intents totaling INR 10 lakh crore at UPGIS 2023.

Organizing roadshows in various countries

The Government of Uttar Pradesh is holding roadshows in 16 countries and 8 important Indian cities in the run-up to UPGIS 2023 to promote the state's investment appeal and attract investment intentions. The United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Germany, The Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates are just a few of the progressive nations that have already agreed to participate as "Partner Country."

Sector-specific knowledge sessions, partner country sessions, B2B/B2G/G2G meetings, networking meetups, an innovation exhibition with global tech products on display from around the world, an art and craft representation of Uttar Pradesh, cultural programs, and other events will be featured at the Global Investors Summit in 2023.

At the Investors Summit, the state government hopes to entice 10 lakh crore worth of investments. The Government of Uttar Pradesh has released a new online platform for concluding Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) and monitoring of their implementation in advance of UPGIS 2023.

Knowledge-sharing sessions, cross-border investment commitments, and a gathering of world business, political, and government leaders for our nation's economic development will all take place at UPGIS 2023.

Campaign "UP Global City"

A hundred-day "UP Global City" campaign has been started by the Uttar Pradesh government in advance of the G20 summit and the Global Investors Summit. With a focus on bettering urban facilities, air quality, cleanliness, and aesthetics as well as effective rubbish disposal, the initiative seeks to bring metropolitan areas in the state up to international standards. The 762 urban bodies in the state will all participate in the campaign.

Arvind Kumar Sharma, the state's minister of urban development and energy, launched the "UP Global City" initiative. Sharma presided over a high-level meeting on the campaign and gave officers instructions on how to make it successful. The ambition of the Yogi Adityanath-led government is to grow the state's economy to $1 trillion in the following five years.

G20 Summit Preparation

The Uttar Pradesh government has scheduled a variety of events in Agra, Varanasi, Greater Noida, and Lucknow in order to promote "Brand UP" ahead of the G20 conference. In addition, the government will run a marathon later this month and start door-to-door waste pickup from February 1 through March 31, 2023.

Other Initiatives 

The state government is also running the "Swachh Dhaba" campaign, which emphasizes proper garbage disposal at hotels, restaurants, and dhabas, and the "Swachh Virasat Abhiyan," which emphasizes cleanliness at tourist, historical, and religious sites, in addition to the "UP Global City" effort. The "Swachh Virasat Abhiyan" was scheduled to launch on January 14 while the "Swachh Dhaba" campaign will last until March 2023.

Madhya Pradesh Global Investors Summit

The premier biennial investment promotion event for Madhya Pradesh, the Heart of India, is the Global Investors Summit. By highlighting and promoting the state's growth potential, the investment climate, the infrastructure, and other advantages of Madhya Pradesh, it offers a crucial platform for interaction and connection with potential investors.

The 7th edition of the "Invest Madhya Pradesh - Global Investors Summit" was slated to take place in Indore, the state's commercial center, on January 11 and 12, 2023. "MADHYA PRADESH - THE FUTURE READY STATE" is the theme of the event, and the programme, which is being held in India's cleanest state and cleanest city, will be "Carbon Neutral" and "Zero Waste." Participants in the event will include more than 5000 industrialists, representatives of numerous industry associations, foreign delegates, including more than 500 international delegates from 80+ countries, and representatives from all G20 countries. Ministers and officials from the central and state governments will also attend the event.

The objective of two-day event

This two-day event's primary goals are to highlight the state's industrial ecosystem, advance state policies, encourage collaboration with business organisations to develop industry-friendly regulations, and boost export potential through buyer-seller meetings and vendor development. Global leaders, businessmen, and professionals will gather at the event to discuss new markets, trends, and strategies for maximizing Madhya Pradesh's investment potential.

Major Points

  • Chandrika Prasad Santokhi, the president of Suriname, and Dr. Mohammad Irfan Ali, the president of Guyana, were both in attendance at the Global Investors Summit.

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated in his speech that our robust macroeconomic foundation can guide the world. India currently has the world's fastest-expanding economy. India will have the third-largest economy in the world in the next four to five years. India's century is currently underway, not its decade on the international scene.

  • This meeting, which is taking place in Indore, is truly global, according to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. The Finance Minister of Mauritius, the Commerce Minister of Bangladesh, and the Minister for Minerals of Zimbabwe have all traveled to this conference in addition to the Presidents of Suriname and Guyana. 431 delegates from 84 different nations, including representatives from 33 different nations, attended.

  • Discussions with investors will take place in 9 sessions on the second day of the Global Investors Summit to stimulate industrial investment in the region. The topic of increasing Madhya Pradesh exports will be discussed. Investors will also be addressed in other sessions on access to Madhya Pradesh's complete business solutions and financial support for the development of social infrastructure. India, Israel, the USA, and the UAE (12 U2) group shared investments will also be covered in a different session.

  • Investors will discuss Madhya Pradesh's contribution to India's $5 trillion economy, prospects in the aerospace and defense industries, Madhya Pradesh's role in accelerating India's manufacturing sector, and the potential for increased investment in Madhya Pradesh's education and skill development in the second day of the summit.

  • The favorable business climate in Madhya Pradesh will be discussed during the special session. Subject matter experts will provide information about the investment-friendly qualities of Madhya Pradesh in each of these sessions.

  • While virtually attending the summit from the US, Union Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal stated that Madhya Pradesh produces one-fourth of the nation's organic cotton. Twenty percent of the renewable energy sector comes from Madhya Pradesh. Currently, the Green Hydrogen Mission is also active. Wildlife tourism is becoming increasingly popular in Madhya Pradesh.

  • JSW Group's Partha Mittal stated that the company has plans to invest Rs. 4500 crore in the region. A cement plant in Panna and a paint factory in Pithampur are being built as part of this project for a total of Rs 1500 crore.

  • According to Reliance Group's Nikhil R. Meswani, 5G service will be made available in all of the state's tehsils by December 2023. Students, farmers, and the general public will benefit from affordable digital facilities. The Reliance Group has already invested $22,500 billion in the state and has plans to invest an additional 40,000 billion.

  • According to Pranav Adani of the Adani Group, the Adain Group will invest Rs 60,000 crore in Madhya Pradesh, which will result in a significant increase in job possibilities. The group is constructing food parks in Dhar, Guna, Damoh, Ujjain, and Indore.

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