Udemy: The Best Online Academy for You

28 Feb 2022
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Online Course Providers have become very popular. It has become their first choice when it comes to earning an education. Udemy is an Online Academy that has soon established itself as a trusted online course provider. Let us check out the reviews on Udemy. #TWN


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Online Course providers are becoming very popular. They have caught the imagination of the students. All these courses are available on the internet, and you can study online from the place of your choice. You do not have to worry about the Covid restrictions and safety concerns. You are the master of your will here! Plus, it gives you visual knowledge rather than bookish knowledge. ‘Learning by Seeing’ is much more effective than ‘Learning by Reading!' So online course providers are a boon for the education of which Udemy is a worthy addition! And no wonder we look for reviews on Udemy!

Udemy: The Online Education Academy for You!

Udemy was established in May 2010. It is the dream of Gagan Biyani, Okay Caglar, and Eren Bali, based in the United States. The company has its main office in San Francisco. It has offices in India, Denver, Turkey, Ireland, and Brazil. What started as virtual classes converted to a large online course provider with open access! Its objective was to help the professionals as well as the students. Its mission was to help the students to earn an education in the subject of their choice. And so ideally, it was named "Udemy," the coming together of, ‘You + Academy!'

At the same time, it also provides the teachers with a platform to teach their favorite subjects. Udemy has over 130,000 online courses designed by 57000 competent instructors. About 35 million students are taking the courses. More students are going to enroll in reading the reviews on Udemy. All the courses are online, and you cannot download them. But the good part is that Udemy provides the facility of the Udemy App where the lectures are available offline too. 180 countries and 65 languages have access to online education from Udemy. Udemy is committed to providing education and, the proof is that it also provides Free Online Courses. Udemy has coupons with the help of which you avail discounts and get to do these courses free of cost. There are many free courses like personal development, photography, web development, programming, etc.

Reviews on Udemy: Doubtful or Beneficial!

Rightly so, the students are always in search of reviews on Udemy. Udemy is a world-class learning platform, and it is but natural that there is a discussion about its validity. Whether you are looking to teach at Udemy or you wish to pursue a course, you want to know whether it is the right path. So let us talk about the reviews on Udemy. And learn about how it fares in terms of quality and benefits to the students. 

Functionality of Udemy: Free Online Courses

Udemy comes with the great functionality of free online courses! The downloadable content is of very good quality. You can use it without any difficulty. It seldom crashes out. Whenever you buy a course, you can easily access it for a lifetime. Udemy is consumer-friendly, and one can use it on iOS and Android with the same smoothness. Whether it is your smartphone, laptop, or Desktop, you can take the class anywhere without any interruption.

The Udemy Certificate of Completion

Udemy Certificate of Completion

It is noteworthy that not all the courses come with a Certificate of Completion. But some courses do reward you with the certificate of completion, and you get it once your course is complete. You can take a print-out and present it in front of your employer. The certificate is fully recognized, and you can show it like other academic certificates of yours!

The Convenience to Test your Aptitude

Yes, exactly, many online courses are vying for your attention. According to reviews on Udemy, all of them give you the convenience to select any course which you wish to pursue! Some course providers let you choose a course instinctively, while others use their advertisements to attract your attention. But it is only at Udemy that you get the facility of an aptitude test. Sometimes we go by our wish and take up our course. Then we regret the choice we made! Here, Udemy scores! It enables us to test our aptitude first for a specific course and then enroll for it.

Dynamic Features of the Courses

As per these reviews on Udemy, the courses have dynamic features that bring manifold benefits for the student. All the courses have text lectures and video lectures. Many of the courses have quizzes to help you understand the lesson nicely. The video lectures give you a live demonstration of the chapter, and you will never forget it! Some courses also bring supplementary resources to enhance your preparation. So there are no hassles in this type of learning. 

Different Types of Courses

Different Types of Courses

One of the reviews on Udemy praises the different types of courses offered at Udemy. It has something for everybody. Udemy consists of 15 main categories and guesses what? It has up to 15 sub-categories! Like, if Music is one category, then the sub-category course would include several types of courses in each of the categories of instruments. Some of the categories offered on Udemy are: 

  • Business 
  • Finance and Accounting 
  • Personal Development
  • Development 
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Lifestyle 
  • Academics and Teaching
  • Office Productivity 
  •  Music

These are some categories that you see and decide the specific course you wish to pursue! And Udemy offers all support you want!

Guarantee of Money Back

According to these reviews on Udemy, it gives you the Money Back guarantee if you are not satisfied with a course. So if you think you should not continue, you can withdraw! Udemy gives you the refund within 30 days. But the only condition is that you should not download a big part of the course. One must remember that you cannot ask for too many refunds for a specific course as it may result in refusal of refund by Udemy.

Not Very Lucrative as a Job, But Still the Best

Udemy has many advantages, but this is not very beneficial for instructors because it does not provide that high income. It is because it has open access. So Udemy Instructors get many opportunities to create, promote and sell their courses. Udemy is undoubtedly the best option for students and instructors.


Udemy has several courses to help out the students. What's more, it offers free courses to enable the students to study without any worries. So the focus is purely on education. It is why the reviews on Udemy have good words for it! So why wait, do check-out Udemy! All the Best!

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