Solar Energy: The Need Of The Hour

29 Aug 2022
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Renewable Energy Technologies like solar PV has seen dramatic growth in the past two decades, leading to the creation of new industries across the globe and assisting in reducing large amounts of greenhouse gases. Solar energy, a clean, renewable source with no emissions, provides a huge amount of energy potential that can be captured utilising a wide range of tools. Solar energy systems are now easily accessible for both industrial and domestic use, with the added benefit of requiring very little maintenance. Government tax breaks and rebates could make solar energy economically viable. The majority of wealthy nations are converting to solar energy as one of their main sources of renewable energy. In contrast to fossil fuels that we utilize every day to produce energy, solar energy could be utilized to create green, sustainable energy that is not harmful to the environment. Since fossil fuels cannot be recycled They will eventually be exhausted. Humanity will need to pool its resources in order to be prepared for the day that the energy sources that are not renewable run out -- and this will only happen by using solar power.

We will explore the reasons why solar power is crucial for nations, individuals, as well as the entire ecosystem in this article.


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The sun has historically been the source of energy for nearly all living things on Earth through the process of photosynthesis. plant cells absorb sunlight and transform the energy into stored energy that is used for development and growth. Engineers and scientists today are trying to make use of the sun's radiation directly, through the conversion of it into energy or heat.

Two major kinds of solar power systems are currently in use in the present: photovoltaic`s and thermal systems. As we all realize, energy depletion is happening each day, which is why using solar energy has become important.

Growth & Scope Of Solar Energy In India

The Indian government took its first step toward acknowledging the significance of solar electricity in 2006 with the Rural Electrification Program. It produced guidelines for putting off-grid solar applications into action. Solar pumps, residential lighting systems, solar street lighting systems, and solar lanterns were the main items in this section. India's Semiconductor Policy was first implemented in 2007 as a follow-up measure to support the IT and electronic industries.

The solar energy industry is an enormous opportunity in India. India's geographic location offers a significant advantage for generating solar energy. The reason is India is considered to be a tropical nation that receives solar energy all through the year which is equivalent to 3000 days of sunlight. Because the majority of people are rural and are largely undeveloped, there is a lot of potential for solar energy to be promoted in these regions. This is why India has huge plans to develop Solar Energy generation that may not just fill the gap in power generation but help Green Energy Production to help in reducing the Climate Changes globally.

We will explore the reasons why solar energy is essential for nations, individuals, as well as the entire ecosystem in this article.

The Benefits Of Using Solar Energy Are:

Generating Solar Power Is Easy

Have you ever thought about what might occur in the event that we ran out of natural gas or oil? Each day, what is the reason anyone should be capable of functioning?

A lot of things would go away in the event of a power outage, such as electricity transportation, internet, and other services. This is where solar energy comes in, as it can be created by sunlight. It is possible to create energy because we have lots of sunshine. This is achieved through the installation of solar panels that absorb the sun's light and convert it into energy. The energy is then used to generate electricity, among other things. It is unlikely that we will be able to run out of sunlight unlike alternative sources of energy. This means that solar power will be readily available and easy to use for a long period of time.

Solar Power Is Clean And Secure

Fossil fuels as well as other energy sources aren't easy to manage and even tragic accidents may occur, placing lives in danger. Additionally, accidents involving fossil fuels could cause damage that could amount to thousands of dollars. Solar power, on the other hand, is easy and secure to utilize. The solar power source is associated with only a few (perhaps insignificant) incidents. Solar power is a renewable and eco-friendly source due to the fact that it is produced by sunlight. In the end, relying on fossil fuels to power our energy sources can cause harm to the environment as gas emissions are a major contributor to greenhouse effects, which could be a global issue for many countries. The emissions from fossil fuels can impact the health of air, water, and food. The more fuel we consume and use other sources of energy, the more they are polluted and our health suffers. As per estimations, as the level of pollution gets worse the world is likely to continue losing animals and plants. If the rate of pollution increases, we will lose more species over the coming sixty million years, than we lost in the last 60 million years.

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Solar Power Will Cut The Cost Of Your Electricity

As technology advances and the rise of the consumer society many people are struggling to pay their electricity and utility bills. These can be quite large at times. It is possible to cut down on electric bills and reduce their expenses through solar energy. "But what happens if it rains?" is a typical question of skeptics. "What is the point if the sun does not shine?" Numerous solar panels are currently built and classified according to their performance size, dimensions, and many other aspects. The larger solar panels are able to capture more sunlight and will usually produce an excess of energy. The solar panel will be capable of producing more energy than what your home uses while the remainder is stored for rainy days. Your electricity bills will be uncertain with electricity as it's entirely contingent on your consumption rates. Utilizing solar energy or solar panel however you'll not only be able to completely reduce your energy costs as well, but you'll be able to predict the costs you might need to pay. You should consider using solar energy to cut down on your monthly utility bill.

Great Tool To Accomplish A Variety Of Tasks

Solar energy systems and roof-top solar panels are widely known for their versatility. Photovoltaic solar panels produce energy or thermosolar panels to warm your home or office. Solar panels are not like electricity and are not connected to power lines. Solar energy is able to provide countries in need as well as provide to get clean water, supply heating, as well as other services. A lot of people who don't have access to electricity or access to drinking water that is clean can be assisted by the numerous ways that solar panels can be used. Another benefit that is not widely known about solar panels and power is that they can boost the worth of your house. This might seem unusual initially, but as solar-powered homes do not incur expenses for utilities, they are attractive to buyers. Solar-powered homes appear to buyers and leasing agents to be similar to houses with lower property taxes. In addition, installing solar panels within your home could raise the price of your house. Install solar panels from the top firm in India.

Low Maintenance

Solar panels and solar power like electricity cables and other products require less maintenance, and minor trouble  You just need to clean them on a regular schedule to keep them in good condition. If you're not a fan of cleaning or worry about harming your solar panel then it's time to hire an expert cleaning service. Housekeeping and cleaning is a field that is growing faster than it has ever. So finding someone to wash your solar panels and yours for a small fee isn't too difficult. In addition, the majority of solar panel makers offer an all-year warranty (20 30-years). There won't be any parts to replace, therefore there's not much chance of errors. It is possible that only one component has need to be changed (every 10 years). This part is responsible for converting electricity into energy. In addition, it is not much that can be altered. Finding organizations that offer services at affordable costs isn't hard.

“Clearly, we need more incentives to quickly increase the use of wind and solar power; they will cut costs, increase our energy independence and our national security and reduce the consequences of global warming.” – HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON

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