How To Start Making Money With DoorDash 

26 Sep 2022
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Many people are turning to side gigs as formal employment is declining and the gig economy grows. Popular apps like DoorDash have made Food Delivery Services one of the most sought-after gigs. To get a job, you don't have to travel from one office to the next with your resume. Doordash makes it easy to make money. If you follow our tips, you can even earn $23 an hour while delivering goods.

Delivering food for DoorDash as independent contractors, drivers are referred to as Dashers. The opportunity offers flexible hours, quick beginnings, frequent payment, and has the potential to be a wonderful side hustle. However, earnings can vary depending on the demand and delivery information.

Is joining the Dashers the best decision for you? how to become a door dasher?  Here are some important details regarding How to Get Started with Doordash and earn money.


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Do you know What is DoorDash? DoorDash is just one of many food delivery services that have emerged over the last few years. They are up against UberEats and GrubHub which are fierce competitors for market share. Clint Proctor previously tested each of the food delivery apps in order to determine which one offered the highest potential for driver earnings. He felt that Uber Eats was the best option at the time. Each delivery app has its own pros and cons.

We wanted to examine the specific benefits and drawbacks of DoorDash for this review. DoorDash can make drivers money. Is it a waste? Let's see.

What Are The Requirements To Deliver With DoorDash

DoorDash is open to anyone with delivery experience. You must, however:

  • At least 18 years of age

  • You Must have a car or motorcycle, a scooter, or a bicycle.

  • If you are a driver, have a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.

  • You should have a Social Security number.

  • You agree to a background investigation.

  • Use the DoorDash app on your smartphone.

These requirements will be met before you can sign up for DoorDash at You can also submit an online application. Depending on your location, you can either request an activation kit or attend an orientation. To complete the process, download the DoorDash Driver App

How To Earn Money As A Doordash Driver

After a driver has signed up for DoorDash, and received a Red Card they are able to take orders for food delivery. You can make money as a driver by accepting orders from customers via the mobile app.

How Much Does A Doordash Driver Make

According to DoorDash, drivers can earn as much as $25 per hour. According to Indeed, the average hourly wage for a driver is $14.09. Once they have mastered the delivery process, new drivers can only make $10 an hour.

The app allows drivers to schedule their shifts for available dates and times in cities across the United States. Logging in is easy for drivers who have unscheduled time but still want to make money.

Once you have become a driver, you can schedule your shifts using the mobile app. Scheduled drivers receive orders before unscheduled Dashers. Unscheduled drivers are able to login and take orders if DoorDash is in need of additional Dashers during busy times.

What Does DoorDash Do For Drivers?

Once your application has been approved, which usually takes between three and seven days, and you have finished setting up your profile you can access the Driver app to view available deliveries whenever you are free.

Each opportunity will be detailed, including the address and the amount it costs. DoorDash allows you to reject or accept delivery in as little as 40 seconds. Accepting a delivery will allow you to follow the instructions in the app. This usually means that you simply need to go to the restaurant, provide the customer's name and then pick up the order. Then, drop it off at the customer. Repeat at your leisure.

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How To Increase Your DoorDash Driver Earnings

The average DoorDash driver makes $14 an hour, as we have already mentioned. Here are some tips and tricks to help you take your DoorDash side hustle to the next level.

1. Choose Carefully Which Orders You Accept.

By refusing to accept small orders, you can make more money and wait until large orders are received through the app. You can refuse orders that are too small or too far away, and you will be able to decline them. If you view it as a customer purchasing in bulk, you'll see how important it is to drive the highest amount of money for every delivery.

2. Avoid Traffic Slow-Downs

You can make more money as a driver if you work in less crowded areas. DoorDash drivers can earn more money by working in areas that are less crowded. First, sitting in traffic is a waste of gas and time. It may also prevent you from accepting orders.

3. Drive When There's High Demand

Customers are looking for food for lunch and dinner. That one blew my mind, didn't it? These are your two main "sweet spots" when it comes to food delivery. These are your most in-demand times.

If you wish, you can drive off-hours. However, there is a chance you will spend a lot of time waiting for orders. Keep your focus on high-demand periods. You might also consider side hustles that offer better returns if you have more time.

4. Select The Right Area

A driver who chooses a well-known delivery area can make more money. DoorDash makes it easier for drivers to make more money by choosing a convenient location. This allows them to reduce delivery times. It's also important to pick orders from local customers. You can spend more time on deliveries that aren't too costly if you work in a smaller area.

5. Combining DoorDash With Other Delivery Apps.

Drivers should be able to use other apps in order to benefit from the incentives. There is no restriction on how many delivery apps you can use at once. Clint actually did this during his test. It shouldn't matter if you turn off your availability while you are making the delivery.

Drivers can also drive for other food delivery apps or even grocery delivery apps such as Instacart. This will help them stay busy. This can save you time and help you avoid being idle.

Customers may notice that you drive for different apps and allow you to deliver to them if they see you online. You can build a reputation by providing excellent service to customers which will help you increase your income.

6. Be kind!

To increase your income, you should be able to provide excellent customer service. Drivers can get reviews and ratings from Dashers about the apps they use. Before placing an order, customers can view a driver's profile. If the driver's rating is low, customers can cancel their order.

The DoorDash side-hustle can bring in a lot of income for drivers if they work hard and get good ratings from customers. Your driver profile will be viewed by customers and may offer higher tips due to your work ethic or feedback from past customers.

DoorDash Driving: Is it worth your time?

DoorDash on its own may not be worth your effort. Combining DoorDash and other apps can help you make decent side hustle income by delivering groceries or food.

DoorDash has one drawback: you must schedule your driving sessions in advance. This makes DoorDash a bit more like a regular job rather than an "earn extra money" gig. If that bothers you, you can easily earn $50-100 per night driving for DoorDash. You may even be able to make more by following the advice in this article.

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