How an MBA Boy Converted into MBA Chai Wala

22 Feb 2022
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How an MBA boy converted into India’s first milliner tea seller. A boy who has a dream to become a Chatter accounted in the best management company. But he left the MBA study and walked from his MBA class. He decided to become a Chai Walla in Delhi. Now people call him “MBA Chaiwala,” and he delivered a speech at Harvard. Let know more about Praful Billore and the struggle story of his million-hold business. For the added authentic stories of business, personality read our blog. #TWN


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Prafull Billore: MBA Chaiwala

Prafull Billore is known as MBA Chaiwala. He feels proud to be the founder of the “MBA Chaiwala” in India, which has become a quickly growing business in India. Praful is a B. Com graduate, and he belongs to a simple middle–class family in Madhya Pradesh. MBA Chaiwala net worth is close to 3 crore rupees!

Baby Step of Praful’s Chai dreams

Praful started a small tea shop beside the roads initially. He grappled a lot. The first day went pretty bad as there was not even a single customer. He decided not to give up and make a new strategy to enhance the customer. Further, he started connecting with the people and talked friendly, unfolding concerning his unique tea quality and conversation with people in English. People start attracting his tea shop and sip the test of his tea. He started combining the events using public relations skills to connect with the customers. He made the billboards and designed the cards regarding the discount and other bonuses for visits to his tea shop on special days.

MBA Chaiwala Business Model

Within a few years, he installed a chain of franchises and tea cafes in India. Praful started connecting the events with the tea selling strategy. And MBA Chaiwala has become a name that linked chai lovers all over India. Today he is running the multiple franchises of MBA Cahiwala in many other countries of the world, and he made around a hundred corers in just a few years. Praful Billore’s also would like to participate in the events with his chai at the wide range. Promote the events like business skills, women empowerment, education, entrepreneurship, and social media programs. In other ways, he also participates in supporting social issues like discrimination, women empowerment, unemployment. He also goes into political rallies to spread the warmth and love of chai in India.

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Speech at Harvard University

Praful Billore has become an inspiration for the Indian youth. He is giving speeches at the world's prestigious Business Schools at Harvard University, and he is inspiring international students. Many Indian students have dreams get admission to Harvard University. His success story has motivated people who want to start their businesses. Today MBA Chai Wala has more than 100 employees in India, and he wants to install more franchises in the world. He is continuously inspiring people to follow their dreams.

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