Hacks to Extend your iPhone's Battery Life

22 Mar 2022
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iPhones have always been criticized for their batteries as they drain too fast. No matter which model do you purchase, they always lack behind in battery life when compared to Samsung or any other phone. However, a few hacks can be used to extend the iPhone battery life and can also prevent your iPhone battery from getting damaged severely. #TWN


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Nobody likes to watch their iPhone’s battery going from 100% to 0% in a short time. Unfortunately, these are one of the disadvantages of owning an iPhone. After a few years of purchase, it is very normal for an iPhone to start signaling you of a weakened battery and when this happens, try the following tips to extend your battery's life and save you some fortune. Visiting an electronic shop to fix your battery could be an option, but this is definitely not your first option, as we are not here to talk about the obvious; we are here to provide you with the hacks that are hustle free and are also much cheaper than getting your phone repaired, or getting your battery replaced. 

Hunt down the Apps that are Draining the Battery of your iPhone

There might be apps that are eating up your battery life, even when you are not using your phone. When you login into some apps for the first time, they very smartly ask for permission to run over other apps, and to run in the background, which eventually results in draining up your battery. One of such apps is the Apple Watch app. I know you love your apple watch more than your life, but your relationship with the watch may be becoming toxic because of the app. Maybe it’s time to review your love for your apple watch that is it or is it not worth it. To find the culprit apps follow these steps:

  • Go to settings and click on the battery
  • Once the page is visible on your screen, scroll down to see the list of apps and their battery consumption in percentage.
  • Click on every app to see how much battery has it consumed running in the background.

Once you catch the culprits, make sure to remove them from the background every time they are not in use. You can also restrict their battery usage and monitor them regularly. Also, consider them uninstalling if they still misbehave.

Low Power Mode

Monitoring the app's battery usage is one way to extend your iPhone battery life. You can also consider switching on the Low Power Mode. You may have to compromise a bit when you switch on this mode, as this feature is designed to save your battery life and not to maximize the potential of your phone. This mode keeps a check on the battery-consuming activities like switching off the background app refresh, mail fetch, auto-downloads, increased brightness. 

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To turn on the Low Power Mode:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on the battery icon
  • Now drag the toggle on the Low Power Mode

Bring Down your Screen Brightness

It is probably the oldest hack, and you must have a geek friend who always tells you to bring down your phone's brightness. Guess what? That geek may be annoying, but he is not wrong. This trick does help you with saving the battery life of your iPhone. Actually, not just your iPhone but will help to extend the battery life of any phone you use. To activate low brightness; go to setting, click on display and brightness to quickly lower your phone's brightness.


An iPhone that remains unlocked for a greater time comparatively consumes much more battery than the iPhone that has a shorter auto-lock time. It is recommended that your iPhone must get automatically locked within 30 seconds of the last usage. To activate auto-lock, simply go to:

  •  Settings
  • Click on Display and Brightness
  •  Finally, click on Auto-lock to activate

Turn on Optimized Battery Charging

This feature helps your battery from getting overcharged. After your iPhone gets 80% charged, this feature will automatically stop consuming power and hence will stop the charging process. Overcharging affects your iPhone’s battery life in a more drastic way than you can imagine, People tend to overcharge their phones often, especially when they leave their phones to charge overnight. Normally this feature is activated by iPhones automatically, but if your iPhone fails to do so, you can do it physically by following the step given below:

  • Go to settings 
  • Click on battery
  • Enter into the battery health
  • And finally, click on Optimize Battery Charging

Screen Widgets are your Biggest Enemy

If you have any widgets on your home screen, that’s what drains most of your battery. Your home screen widgets constantly need to refresh themselves to provide you with updated information; this means plenty of background usage. It’s ok to have one or two apps at your home screen widget, but the moment the number increases, your battery also starts to drain too quickly. The only possible solution for this problem is to remove all the unnecessary widget apps from your home screen as soon as possible.

Disable Location Tracking

Sometimes apps ask for permission to track your location, which results in activities that ultimately drain your battery. To avoid these activities, you simply need to identify which apps actually need your location permission and which apps are asking for it just for the data's sake.

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The methods mentioned above are like penicillin. They help to heal a small wound. If none of the above methods work, take a trip to your local electronics shop and ask for the best possible solution, and in 90% of the cases, the shop owner will recommend you to buy a new battery. These hacks help to cover up the little damage done to your battery and also prevent it from getting damaged any further, but if the damages are done already and are beyond repair, it’s time for you to get a new battery.

If you are a new phone owner, try these methods from day one to prevent future damage as, it always said, prevention is better than cure. Although these methods work pretty well, the best method to prevent your battery from getting damaged is moderate usage of your phone and not overloading it with apps and files. 

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