Easiest Things to Draw When Bored!

25 May 2022
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Boredom is a curse. When you feel bored, you do not know what to do! It feels as if the time has stopped! And you have nothing to do! But why fear when we are here! In this blog, you can learn about the art of drawing! You can learn about things to draw and pass your time! So just open your creative eye and read on! #TWN


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The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer rightly said, "The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom!" Indeed! But what can one do when the ghost of boredom gets loaded on the back? There is no respite from it! The world comes to a standstill! You do not know what to do or where to go! The ghost of boredom annoys everyone, including yours truly! Sometimes you are in your office, and you get bored without work. At other times you are sitting idle at home or waiting for someone! Boredom can catch you anywhere! But as we say, when #Thinkwithniche is here, there is no need to fear!

You can easily unload this ghost by picking up the magic wand called creativity! Drawing is an art to consider in times of boredom! Though it is serious art, it is of help to anyone, anytime! What's more, you do not need anything extra, except a piece of paper and a pen or pencil, and you are on! You can think about things to draw when bored. It is just about having some fun and earning your active cells back! Drawing does not require special training or knowledge. You can also discover your creative side in the process! So let us see some easy things to draw to throw off the ghost of boredom from our backs –

Easiest Things to Draw When You Are Bored

Million Dollar Smileys & cute Ghosts - Smileys are a universal favorite! Don't we all love them! Smileys are also easy things to draw! You draw just a circle and make eyes, nose, and semi-circle as a beautiful smile! It does not require you to be a great artist. Plus, it freshens up your mood as well! In the same way, you can draw scary ghosts! Please do not scare yourself sitting alone, but ghosts can be cute also, like in the movie Casper!

Cute Aliens - Yes, aliens are another cute little things to draw! They are also easy to make. Aliens have two big eyes and two small antennae, remember? So you do not have to be an artist to make it. Just make a light circle and fit big eyes into it! Draw two small antennae flickering around! Simple!

Stick Figures - Stick Figures are the easiest things to draw. It is a perfect drawing object for the people poor in sketching! Stick Figures are just a circle for a head and lines for the body, hands, and feet! Once you get started, you can enrich your drawing with your imagination!

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Flowers and Trees - These are my personal favorite. You can begin with a simple tree. It is also one of the easiest things to draw. Just draw two light curve lines facing each other as the trunk. Follow it by drawing small curve lines atop the trunk as the leaves. You can enhance it by doing the shading with a pencil. Flowers are also easy to make. You can make a basic flower and go on to make a Rose or a Lotus. Trust me! It will enhance your creative skills and make you happy!

Scenery - The scenery attracted me very much when I sat to make a drawing -A river flowing from the mountains and a small hut beside the river. Nature has always attracted me! It is also not very difficult. And when you think about it, you can weave a small story around it. If you can draw a hut, you can easily make a few more! Can you not? Boredom? What is that? You would want to spend more time completing your story!

Calligraphy - Calligraphy is a common drawing we all like practicing when bored! Calligraphy is a kind of writing full of designs. We all enjoy decorating our name or handwriting, don't we? So why not try and enhance your drawing skills! Who knows, you can invent a great pattern that could earn you praise?

Model Sketch - Model Sketch is another great muse for your drawing! If you attain some drawing skills or you have the imagination to see objects and sketch them on paper, you can create masterpieces! There are many things to draw in your office or home, for instance, a flower vase, a shelf on the facing wall, or a decoration piece. You can draw just about anything!

Sketching - When it comes to sketching, and if you have somewhat practiced the art, you can draw the face of a beautiful girl with flowing hair, a gentleman, wild animals, or a joker. Drawing is also a way of escaping your worries and depression and getting lost in the world of imagination! So what is the wait for? Pick up a pen or pencil and get started!


There is a saying, Boredom always precedes creativity, and it suits our topic so well! When you are bored, think about things to draw and unleash your creative skills! You never know you can discover the artist in you. So give wings to your creative skills, and revitalize your energies! Remember, if Boredom is a curse, drawing is a boon! So hold your reins of imagination and reach the skies of new avenues!

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