Different Restaurant Menu Board Design Ideas

22 Feb 2022
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As a restaurant owner, attracting customers must be your priority, and for that, you need a first-hand design. A restaurant is all about food. So, a menu list is a must. You need to be more innovative and creative while thinking about the designs. The following ideas will help you to concrete your thought. Read on to explore digital menu board design ideas. #TWN


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Figuring out how to attract new customers is the part that frustrates most business owners. What attracts them the first is the appearance. A unique, modest look always attracts the customer. The same logic applies to the restaurants also. The very important thing the owner must know is about the digital Menu board design.

Why, exactly, do the Menu Boards play an important role?

Keep in mind that your menu board is more than just a sign on your wall. It can be a powerful marketing tool. Often, it is one of the first elements that new customers will engage with upon entering your eatery. Hence, your restaurant board design can be the Knight who can win you the battle of attracting customers. Here are a few ideas that you can use to create your own menu board.

Menu Board Design Ideas

1. Digital Menu Board Design

Digital tools are the first choice for every business. We are now in the 21st century, the world of the internet and digitalization. The same goes for the menu boards also. The digital menu board can be a very cost-effective and eco-friendly idea.

2. Indoor Menu Boards

Restaurants must be attractively designed from indoors also. For the menu board, you can think about the indoor kind of idea. For such menu boards, the most beautiful, attractive, and trendy idea can be a menu list with the wall painting.

3. Chalkboard Menu Boards

It is a very common type of menu board yet, with a very decent look. Using chalks and blackboard can be a very simple yet modest idea for menu boards. You can change the menus day to day and also can draw something using chalk and duster.

4. Regular Menu Boards

Most simple menu boards consist of a large rectangular structure that displays images of popular dishes and a simple list of the foods served. It is often used by many small restaurants. It is very inexpensive. The menu lists with some food items images can be added there.

5. Menu Board with Cartoon Chefs

This type of menu board looks very attractive. Cartoon chefs are holding delicious food items in their hands, and the food lists are there in it. It is quite a nice idea to apply.

6. Fruits and Food Shaped Menu Boards

Apart from cartoon chefs, this is also a very appealing menu boards idea. If you own a bakery shop, you can create a cake-shaped board with lots of cakes items on it. Same for the pizza shops or the cocktails shops. Pizza or bottle-shaped menu boards can also be used.

7. Wooden Board with Ancient Look

This type of board has a weighty impression. Using the wooden materials, shaping some kind of maple leaf or some historical ancient type of looks always become very demanding and high profile.

8. Banner Boards

 A banner is also known as a regular menu board. Hanging a poster-type banner with food lists and some pictures adding to it. It is very simple and very cost-effective.

9. Paper Scroll Boards

The paper scroll can also be a good idea. It can’t be listed in a unique board idea group, it is quite common, but it looks very decent. You can use wood or waterproof paper for such menu boards.

10. Transparent Menu

 It is a very unique and trendy menu board idea, a rustic glass board type. The background can be transparent as clear glass, while it looks like the food lists are floating. It is a very trendy and very attractive board design.

Now that you know the importance of menu board design, use the above-mentioned ideas to create an effective digital menu board that amplifies your business growth. Better yet, you can create your own menu board that complements your brand!

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