6 Feng Shui Lucky Charms For Success In Business

11 May 2024
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In the world of business, success hinges on a potent blend of strategic planning, meticulous execution, and a dash of good fortune. Many business owners, alongside their strategic plans, incorporate Feng Shui practices to harmonize energy flow within their workspaces.

Feng Shui, a traditional Chinese practice, translates to "wind-water" and emphasizes the arrangement of elements within a space to create a beneficial environment. This belief system incorporates lucky charms, believed to attract positivity and prosperity.

While hard work remains the cornerstone of business success, incorporating Feng Shui principles and lucky charms can contribute to a more positive and motivated work environment, potentially fostering better decision-making and improved team dynamics.

This article explores six well-regarded Feng Shui lucky charms specifically chosen to enhance business success, covering aspects like wealth, career advancement, and overall positive energy.


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There are business owners who prefer displaying these lucky charms for business by placing them on racks or hanging them near the door of their shop. In the process of Feng Shui healing, the important advice to keep in mind is the flow of energies within an individual. These energies hold a great capability of creating something beautiful or even clearing negative vibes to embrace positivity. 

It will grow your business, given that you work hard for it and let luck do its job. However, you don’t need luck to pay for business expenses. If you apply for title loans online, you can use emergency cash to cover what’s necessary to run your company.

Before exploring how specific Feng Shui lucky charms can enhance your business, let's delve deeper into the core principles of this practice.

Building Harmony for Business Success: Understanding Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui?

In the competitive realm of business, every edge counts. While meticulous planning and execution are fundamental, many business owners find that incorporating Feng Shui practices can provide an additional layer of support. Feng Shui, a traditional Chinese practice translating to "wind-water," emphasizes the arrangement of elements within a space to create a harmonious and balanced environment.

This philosophy, rooted in Taoism, believes that the way we organize our surroundings can influence the flow of energy, or "chi," impacting various aspects of life. For businesses, this translates to potentially fostering a more positive work environment, improved decision-making, and even enhanced team dynamics.

Feng Shui principles go beyond mere aesthetics. Here's a closer look at some key concepts that underpin this practice:

  • The Five Elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood are believed to influence the energy flow within a space. By strategically incorporating these elements through furniture, décor, and even color palettes, Feng Shui practitioners aim to create balance and harmony.

  • Yin and Yang: This core concept represents the opposing yet complementary forces present in everything. A key aspect of Feng Shui involves achieving a balance of yin (negative or passive energy) and yang (positive or active energy) within a workspace. This balance is believed to promote well-being and productivity.

  • The Bagua Map: This octagonal map serves as a blueprint for dividing a space into different zones, each associated with a specific aspect of life, such as wealth, career, or relationships. By using the Bagua map, Feng Shui practitioners can determine the optimal placement of furniture and objects to enhance these desired areas within your business environment.

While the effectiveness of Feng Shui lacks scientific validation, many business owners swear by its positive influence. By incorporating these principles and strategically using Feng Shui lucky charms, you might cultivate a more positive and motivated atmosphere, potentially leading to improved business outcomes. Let's delve deeper into these lucky charms and explore how they can specifically target various aspects of business success.

Good luck charms for money are also very much in use so that no monetary problems ever arise.  
Here we present the Feng Shui lucky charms that would bring success in business and life.

Six Feng Shui Lucky Charms for Business, Money, and Success

Feng Shui good luck charms are worth a try if you trying to succeed in your business. Let's continue with the list.

Statue Of An Ox 

Ox is known to be responsible, honest, and loyal. This Chinese zodiac sign is loved by many. Lucky ox is kind to humans bringing justice to every situation. It is not only reliable but will also give them the courage to overcome hurdles ensuring protection and loyalty. This should be placed in the northwest area of your house or office for progressing in business.

Money Tree 

This auspicious tree is known to bring prosperity and luck in business along with finances. These not only shower with prosperity but also provide positive energies bringing happiness and luck. Amethyst money trees are good for office-goers as they form a balance between owner and employees. This needs to be placed at the southeast corner of your workspace.


Dragon holds a majestic symbol when it comes to Feng-Shui. It is sacred and known to be a sturdy and powerful creature according to the culture of China. This symbol brings power, honor, abundance, and luck. Hence a perfect good luck charm for success.

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Laughing Buddha is known to be the epitome of happiness and peace. It is known to be lucky for business owners. They not only bring wealth, abundance, and prosperity but also embrace the environment with happy vibes by eliminating worries. Pick a rounded belly Buddha as the bigger belly, the more upcoming success. Rubbing belly also makes wishes come true. It should be kept on the work desk or southern east area at the workplace to bring in wealth.

Lucky Cat  

Upon visiting different shops or restaurants, you will eye a cheerful golden cat waving at you. this statue is known to bless the individual with prosperity and happiness. They can be placed anywhere you want. It helps in bringing good luck out of the blue. Owners prefer them at the cashier or the entry.

Money Frog  

Money Frog is known to bring in money and business. It is one of the profound symbols of prosperity. The statue shows that the frog is residing on coins or there are 2 coins in his mouth. The auspicious one is the golden one. It is near to be placed at the northern side or near the door. The face showed be pointed inward the house.

What Is The Luckiest Good Luck Charm?

Can you guess what is the luckiest good luck charm that you can use to shine your luck? Think about it! It is something that you might already know. No idea? No Problem. The luckiest good luck charm is a Shamrock or a Four Leaf Clover. Surprising! If you get one shamrock in your life, then luck will shine upon you. It will grow your business, given that you work hard for it and let luck do its job.


2022 marks the Year of Water-Tiger. Thus this year is bestowed with the flow of business opportunities as well as improvement in career scenarios. It is also an auspicious year for molding good relationships. These charms help to remove the blockages that stop the success of your hard work from coming in. your hard work will hold the power to bring the luck of lucky charms into your life. Put your hard work and leave the rest on Divine. 

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