YouTube Introducing Song And Album Credits To Its 'YouTube Music'

20 Mar 2023
5 min read

News Synopsis

A platform for sharing videos YouTube Music, its music streaming service, is receiving song and album credits.

Users will be able to view song and album credits while listening to their favorite music with this new feature.

The function, which allows users to see extensive song information such as who the singer is and who wrote, produced, and composed each track in real-time, has long been available on other streaming services such as Tidal.

If the feature is enabled on the user's account, they will see a 'See song credits' option while browsing YouTube Music's overflow menu.

According to the report, users will be able to access details about the music such as who performed the song, who composed it, who produced it, and where the music metadata was acquired.

Meanwhile, the video-sharing platform revealed last week that American creators may now make podcasts in YouTube Studio, and that podcasts will be included in the company's Music app soon.

a podcast show is a playlist, and podcast episodes are videos in that playlist". according to the platform.

The update will be made available to more people in the coming weeks via an app update. YouTube is adding several new features to its music app in order to increase its monthly active users. For example, it announced last month that it will provide background listening for podcasts.

Furthermore, YouTube Music plans to introduce a variety of updated library tools to allow podcast makers to experiment with advanced audio technology. Users may now make customized radio playlists by picking artists and songs from the platform.

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