Youths pass casteist remarks at Indian hockey player Vandana Katariya’s kin, one arrested

06 Aug 2021
6 min read

News Synopsis

Even though caste-based discrimination has been declared a criminal activity, people from the Bahujan community often face such horrendous instances of discrimination. Caste-based discrimination has evolved over time, taking the form of subtle caste-based discrimination and microaggression. Bahujans always face discrimination at the workplace, in schools, colleges, and other public spaces. And it’s safe to say that even International Olympic players aren’t safe from all these. What happened to Vandana Katariya isn’t something new but now it has surpassed all the limits.

The accused of this act is also a former hockey player and according to him, Vandana's family is just making false accusations towards him. Both the accused were arrested and later got bail. We still don't know what really caused this situation to occur but if this is a case of caste discrimination then strict actions should be taken immediately. Although many claim that caste doesn’t hold much importance in modern society, anti-caste activists claim that this is just a blatant lie and an attempt to sweep things under the rug. As shameful as it is, caste plays a huge role in our society and is the root cause of many crimes.  



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