You Can Now Look For Jobs in Hindi on Indeed

19 Jul 2022
6 min read

News Synopsis

Job-launching website Indeed announced on Monday that its services will now be available in Hindi and other regional languages, making it extremely easy for job seekers to apply and create online resumes in Hindi on the platform. In a statement, the company said that this new update is currently available on the mobile website and mobile app version.

Speaking about this, Shashi Kumar, Sales Head, India said that the Indian workforce is very young and the numbers are growing at an incredible rate. We have seen that the number of people actually visiting India has more than doubled in two years. That's why we have decided that our service should be started in Hindi. Along with this, Kumar said that he is really committed to helping all people get jobs.

 Let us tell you that Indeed has launched Hindi in India as a part of its initiative to provide its services in the regional language. The company seeks to strengthen its focus in India and create products that democratize the job search experience for millions of Indians. According to the 2011 census, Hindi, one of the many languages ​​in India, is spoken by over 43.63 percent of the population.


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