WHO Chief Backs Tokyo Olympics Days Before Opening Ceremony

31 Jul 2021
6 min read

News Synopsis

The Tokyo Olympics were enforced into an unparalleled delay after the WHO declared a pandemic in March 2020. Organizers have introduced a lot of measures, designed in conjunction with the WHO, to reduce the risk of COVID-19 and ensure the Games remain safe and secure. People have become bore facing this pandemic for a long time. Historical Sport Olympic also had to face the horrible result of Covid-19. All the Olympic Persons, Players had to wait for another long year only because of the pandemic. Olympic is going to happen in Tokyo this year. Though Japan is counting daily affect still now, but alongside it is also dressing up for Olympic 2021.

Everything can’t remain still due to this virus, we have to be fully prepared and have to fight it together. Vaccination is the only way. We have to be vaccinated as soon as possible. WHO CEO had rightly said that we have to prepare for our celebration of hope and also have to fight the Pandemic together hand in hand. 


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