WhatsApp Tricks: How To Read Messages Without Opening The Chat

30 Aug 2021
6 min read

News Synopsis

WhatsApp is adding new features and updating itself regularly. The WhatsApp we got a long year back and the WhatsApp we are using today has changed a lot. A lot of new facilities are here for us.

WhatsApp has upgraded itself so much that, nowadays we don’t even have to open WhatsApp chat to read messages. So, if you want to read WhatsApp messages without opening the chatbox then know that, yes, you can also easily do that. All you've got to do is to place the cursor on the chat once you receive any message on WhatsApp Web. Then you can see a floating message.

This way you won’t be required to open the chat to test the most recent message on the online version. It's important to notice that you just only get to read the most recent messages and not the old ones. So, read the messages without letting your friend realize, that you have already read his/her messages. But again, don’t forget to read them immediately, as you can’t read the old messages using this trick.



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