What The World Would Be Like In 2031

23 Oct 2021
5 min read

News Synopsis

According to Mark Zuckerberg, by 2031, we will all be living and working in the metaverse, a collection of virtual worlds that will become the most important new technology platform since the web's inception.

You'll be able to merge digital objects into your physical world, making it far more digital than it is now. However, Dr. Nicola Millard, lead innovation partner at BT, sounds a note of caution. She believes the metaverse will have to persuade consumers, wearing heavy headphones or other gear is worthwhile - and that it may be productive.

AI has the capacity to improve our lives significantly, but it also has the potential to bring significant harm. However, AI is expected to have the greatest influence in healthcare. Azeem Azharemphasises the rapid development of Covid-19 vaccinations. Tech Tent will continue to track the positive and negative effects of technology; perhaps in 2031, we'll be able to report on how correct our experts' forecasts were.


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