Wedding Numbers Rise To 100 After 5 August

31 Jul 2021
5 min read

News Synopsis

People can finally hold a wedding consisting of over 100 people. This awaited news will leave prospective brides and grooms in full excitement! Amidst covid-19 cases, it was a serious law where not more than 50 people would not be allowed to accommodate inside a wedding hall. Finally, the wait is over now! People can tie the knot in amicable method without any hesitation and paying much to stringent pandemic rules and regulations. But, just because the rules have loosened doesn't mean you take advantage of this narrative. We can't afford to have another situation crammed with majority of population when at the back of our heads we still have notions of people dying. If a country like Ireland can make a swift move like loosening wedding rules during the post pandemic era, it's time that other nations put their hands up for useful law that will ease people's lives and put their minds at rest.  


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