Vattenfall To Test The Combination Of Solar Farms With Strip Farming

31 Jul 2021
6 min read

News Synopsis

Swedish energy firm Vattenfall has been given a permit to build the project in the Netherlands. The idea of deploying solar panels on farmland has been around for many years. This establishes a set example of how renewable and agriculture can come together and fit in together. Funding has been provided by the Dutch ministry of economic affairs. Sufficient light yield will be ensured through double-sided solar panels so that panels will catch reflected light from the soil, crops as well and more energy will be produced. Construction will start in 2020 if Vattenfall confirms the progress of the project, the decision is expected by the end of 2021. Solar technologies are a viable option for both large and small-scale farmers. The world is moving towards sustainability and adopting renewable measures for various activities, innovations are on the way and every day in this ‘sustainable course’. `Change occurs when you take a step’ and steps such as this will contribute towards designing a new face of the world as green and clean. 





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