Vast numbers Of Cloud Computing Users Are Being Warned About Exposed Databases, According To Microsoft

27 Aug 2021
6 min read

News Synopsis

Azure problems are especially disturbing because Microsoft and cloud computing security experts are pushing companies to abandon most of their infrastructure and depend upon the cloud for more security. Security company Wiz, discovered a susceptibility in Microsoft Azure that allowed it to read, change or delete the databases of thousands of corporate customers. Microsoft says there’s no evidence proving that the error was exploited. It comes after other recent exploits, including on its Exchange email server software.

Wiz has said that they discovered the difficulty earlier. Microsoft inactivated the susceptibility within 48 hours of Wiz reporting it. However, Microsoft can’t change its customers’ primary access keys, which is why the corporate emailed Cosmos DataBase. Customers manually change their keys to lessen contact. The corporate had several of its ASCII text file stolen by SolarWinds hackers at the tip of December, its Exchange email servers were broken and concerned in ransomware attacks, and a recent printer flaw allowed attackers to require over computers with system-level privileges. But with the world’s data increasingly moving to central cloud services like Azure. It's exposure might be the primary disturbing development for Microsoft.


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