UAE Relaxes Travel Restrictions for Indian Residents; Ban on Transit Flights Also Lifted

02 Sep 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

People die to travel to Dubai and there’s no doubt about that. The beauty that envelopes the skies of Dubai is something completely out of this world. From ultra-rich shopping facilities to sophisticated leisure amenities, Dubai is the one-stop destination for all tourists alike and tops the charts of hot spots. The good news for Dubai freaks is that it finally opened its border for Indian tourists but there’s one catch to this huge announcement, you need to be fully vaccinated in order to get airplane tickets booked! What else can be more exciting than this? Ever wondered what pandemic’s harsh reality could mean for travel enthusiasts, there’s always this ache in the heart that troubles many people when it comes to being banned from travelling to their favourite tourist destinations. Getting lost in the foreign sunsets and star gazing at transparent skies of Dubai, there’s so much richness attached to this city, that the initials of the country itself wrap us with immense warmth and happiness. It’s time now to relish and enjoy every moment of your life in Dubai. Without wasting your time, you need to head to the airport, book the tickets to Dubai to enjoy this short trip to take a break from your work! 


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