Two Pfizer, Astrazeneca Doses Work Against Delta Variant: Study

31 Jul 2021
5 min read

News Synopsis

There is one piece of bad news and one piece of good news. The bad news is that the third wave, and the dreadful Delta variety of Covid-19, is on its way. The good news is that vaccine Pfizer and Estrogenic two doses can work against this delta variation. The scientists are working hard to find a cure for the coronavirus and save us from this pandemic. They became successful to fight against Alpha variation and now a new research study is showing that the vaccines can save us from Delta variation also. So, the big thanks go to Pfizer -Biotech and Oxford -AstraZeneca. But there is one more savior of ours. The research study also showing that other vaccinations, like, one-dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, Russia’s Sputnik also can fight against Delta variation and they are 92% effective. So, there is nothing to worry and fear about. Just follow SMS rules – Social Distancing, Mask and Sanitizer, be vaccinated, and stay safe.



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