Twitter Users In India Can Now Use Google And Apple Accounts To Sign-In/Sign-Up On The Platform

31 Jul 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

If you are a social media geek this piece of news embarks a new beginning for Twitter enthusiasts. What lovely news for Twitter users and aspirants who don’t have an account. Most of us tend to forget login credentials and passwords, when it comes to Twitter, logging in could become an issue when one couldn’t seem to get hold of their passwords. The process of password retrieving is such a daunting task. Now, you can directly signup and login through Google or Apple accounts if you don’t already have a Twitter account signed up. This news can bring ease to many people. Instead of double signing up or logging in, we can easily use Twitter when it comes to YouTube to sign in. Nowadays, because of the pandemic, some tend to be less patient, and just scrolling social media could add oodles of stress to their lives. What we need to read on Twitter is something soulful, which does not depress our minds. Twitter is our savior, whenever we want to read some quick dose of trendy news, Twitter comes to our rescue. What stays on social media remains there forever, you can get your hands on old information on Twitter whenever you are hungry for some spicy old news. 


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