The Hidden Features Of iPhone Lock Button Might Change The Game Once You Discover It

13 Mar 2023
6 min read

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We appear to be discovering more and more details about the numerous features of an iPhone every week. It looks like the device has it all, from being able to predict when it will snow to even being able to recognize whether you've been in a car accident on the newest model.

Did you also know that there are a lot more uses for your lock button than you probably initially realized? In more modern models, it may be found on the right side of the screen. Depending on how many times you press it, it will give you varied results and be of different assistance to you.

As a result, as is well knowledge, if the lock button is pressed only once, the phone will lock and you will need to enter your passcode or face ID to unlock it.

You must set up your card in Apple Wallet if you want to use your phone to make payments while you're out and about. Once you've done that, you can pay if you double-click the lock button after using face ID to unlock your device.

Holding down the lock button activates Siri, allowing you to ask whatever questions you need to. Of course, you can also just say "hey Siri" to your phone to activate Siri, but you must have this function turned on.

But, a lot of users won't be sure how to restart and switch off the phone, especially since Apple totally eliminated the home button when the iPhone 8 was introduced.

However, once you know how, it's still simple. To restart, just press and hold the side button (lock) and one of the volume keys. Your phone will soon display the white apple on a black background, but after it restarts, it will be fully functional once more.

The lock button has another use as well; it may make an emergency call for you. After setup, a countdown will show if you quickly push the lock button five times. To contact the emergency services, just move the Emergency SOS slider.

Unless you decide to cancel, your iPhone will text your emergency contacts to your current location once the call has finished. Location Services will temporarily switch on if it is currently off. Your contacts will be informed if your location changes.


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