The Era Of Space Sector With New Space Companies

21 Oct 2021
6 min read

News Synopsis

A Dassault Systemes study, which is conducted by Satsearch has listed more than 165 SMEs from India. These companies are working for the transformation of the Indian Space Sector and have already done a lot of work in the sector already. The list includes small companies, state-run institutions, academic institutions, publicly traded companies, and large private companies. 

Most of these companies are situated either in Bengaluru or other south Indian cities. The study has put out that these companies can grow on an international level which will open the market for revenue streams. To achieve this target, the companies need digital technologies and an improved production process. In the study, only one-fifth of the companies have stated themselves as an expert whereas others have said that they are just on beginners or intermediate level.

Dassault Systemes can provide help to these new space players with its could-based 3d experience platforms. It can help them to strengthen their ability to design and manufacture rocketry and satellite systems at a lower cost and faster entry of the satellite into orbit.


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