Texas's Abortion Ban Has Spawned Similar Legislation, But It May Be Shallow

04 Sep 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

There have been distress across the States for leaving women citizens in sheer indignation. Nobody has ever thought the government would be able to control what you gotta do with your body. It's such a distressful time that we are currently living in! Women put forth their voices forward and waved slogans during a protest that was held recently. It looks like the government does not care what the women have to say! Sometimes we shall ponder hard whether this world is crafted for women or just solely for men?

Because the entire world interferes largely with women's human rights. They are the most targeted gender of all time. This is not even a joke, we have had Trump making illegal blunders and vomiting bad laws for women. But what happened now? It looks like the world is already staged and we have no choice but to listen to the dominating government. The indignation that the majority of women experience every day because of constant change in-laws seems to not leave a dent in hope in their lives. Let's wait till the fire comes to rest and we have some change for women in this society.  Hoping that there's some light at the end of each tunnel.



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