Test Quality Of Water Flowing From Your House Tap, Get Results On A Dedicated Portal

23 Aug 2021
6 min read

News Synopsis

As the data shows, nearly 20 states in India have contaminated drinking water sources. This is a serious issue for the health of our citizens. With more laboratories being installed all over India, it is a step towards solving this issue of contaminated water. 

One more positive initiative is training the women in villages to check the water lever in rural areas. It provides employment to the women and also gives the villages access to do the testing on their own instead of waiting for the authorities. The labs are also useful as the more samples are collected in less time, the process will be time effective.

The one-stop portal gives the public a platform where they can easily file a complaint about the water quality and can easily get the reports for it too. All this with the comfort of one’s home. With the help of this everyone will be able to get the water that is good for them and does not cause harm to their health. This is a start and we hope for pure water in the future. 


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