Tesla growth might fall following CEO’s decision to slow new models

01 Feb 2022
6 min read

News Synopsis

The automotive industry is well aware of the growing ambitions of the EV manufacturing giant TESLA led by none other than Elon Musk who himself as a person is quite passionate and ambitious. TESLA has become the talk of the town for quite some time now. TESLA has established itself as one of the leading EV automotive companies globally. While Elon Musk has been betting from time and time again to make TESLA as world’s leading car manufacturer, it looks like a feat quite difficult to achieve as it only offers a handful of car models in its lineup such as model S, Y, 3, and X.Though TESLA unveiled the Cybertruck a few years back at a launch event by Elon Musk himself, its deliveries will not commence for the next couple of years as its production is believed to start in 2023. This will prove a difficult road to walk upon for EV manufacturers as its competitors such as Ford and Toyota have lined up their new models to be launched in near future.  


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