Tata Consumer Products Can Acquire Bisleri International 

25 Nov 2022
5 min read

News Synopsis

According to recent reports, Bisleri International will reportedly be acquired by Tata Consumer Products for an estimated 6,000 to 7,000 crore rupees.

In the organized market, Bisleri, which has expanded to become one of India's top drinking water providers, has a market share of approximately 32%.

However, how did Bisleri grow to be a well-known brand that is associated with drinking water? Let's examine Bisleri's journey today as it prepares to change ownership.

Felice Bisleri, an Italian businessman and chemist, founded Bisleri in the beginning. Later, in 1965, Bisleri built its first water treatment facility in Thane, Maharashtra. However, the business quickly decided to leave India because it was impossible for them to sell bottled water here.

When an opportunity presented itself at that time, Ramesh Chauhan of the Parle Group acquired Bisleri Ltd. from its Italian owners. At that time, the country's drinking water was of remarkably low quality, which provided a chance for India's bottled drinking water industry.

Following the acquisition, Parle and Bisleri began making a variety of products in the markets at the same time, including drinking water, soft drinks, aerated beverages, and soda. At some point, Bisleri started to become well-known throughout India and had plans to take its activities abroad.

Numerous goods that Bisleri has released throughout the years have shaped the brand's success and expanded its client base. Despite expanding its product line, the company is best recognized for its packaged drinking water.

In order to make Bisleri easily available to all customers in the country, the company began producing packaged drinking water in a variety of sizes throughout time. It began producing packaged Bisleri water in 20-litre cans for consumption in homes and offices in 1991. By releasing the portable 500 ml Bisleri water bottle later in 1995, it pulled off a brilliant victory. In order to differentiate itself from its rivals, the company switched its labels from blue to its distinctive green color in 2006.


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