Squid Games Sparks The Korean Media Stocks Surge

27 Sep 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

South Korea has seen a boom in its entertainment industry in the past few years, and this is not stopping anytime soon. The entertainment industry of South Korea has continuously given the content that is loved by the audience from all across the world. It not only helped the entertainment industry to have recognition on the international level but has helped in raising the value of its stocks. Recently released thriller series, ‘Squid Games’ is setting new records in this criteria. The show follows a group of people who are playing traditional children’s game to survive and to win an amount of money. 

The show made a top spot in Netflix’s Global Ranking. With this, it became the first-ever Korean show to top the charts in the United States. The companies of the lead actors of the show have seen a surge in their stocks. As many people are interested in the upcoming thriller series, they have started investing in these projects. Not only this show, but in the past few years South Korea also has come out with content that has received praise from everyone. Along with the shows the country has also received a lot of economical support from its Music Industry as well.


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