Sanjeev Kapoor’S Culinary Platform Tinychef Has Announced 100 Percent Acquisition Of Ai-Powered Meal Planning App Zelish

31 Jul 2021
4 min read

News Synopsis

Sanjeev Kapoor’s first culinary AI platform Tiny chef is all set to leave an eternal footprint in the business world by acquiring Zelish which is an AI-powered meal planning application. Through this, Tiny chef will also gain access to the app's 125k users and 35~ of whom are monthly active users. It will open the doors for Zelish for an experience of voice-assisted cooking. It will deliver a complete hands-free experience to the users. Also, its presence will grow globally. People will now be able to discover recipes and get inspired, plan their meals, shop for products, and indulge in voice-guided cooking all from one platform. These two brands coming together will result in something more powerful and kitchens all around the world will be impacted. 


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