Singapore-India Early Childhood Education Project Helps More Than 45,000 Teachers And Students

23 Nov 2022
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News Synopsis

Educators from Singapore and India gathered in Mumbai to celebrate the Early Childhood Education Curriculum Enhancement and Pedagogy Project's successful conclusion. The Singapore International Foundation (SIF) and Muktangan Education Trust, a nonprofit that provides guidance to Mumbai's municipal schools, are the organizations behind this capacity-building initiative.

Since 2017, 32 educators from Singapore have collaborated closely with 700 educators in Mumbai to improve the early childhood education (ECE) sector's professionalism. As part of the project, they finished a number of live and recorded workshops, discussions, and study visits.

The educators from Singapore and India worked together on a variety of subjects, such as parent communication and participation, teacher evaluations, play facilitation, social development, classroom learning settings, inclusive practices, and early intervention.

34 Indian Master Trainers were also trained as part of the initiative and were given the necessary abilities and information to instruct additional ECE educators. As a result, at least 3,400 Indian ECE educators gained new pedagogical and assessment abilities as well as knowledge about how to enhance curricula. This project has benefited roughly 45,000 teachers and students in Maharashtra as a whole.

A website resource with content from the workshops was also created by the Singapore International Volunteers (SIVs). This will be helpful for the ECE practitioners in Mumbai to continue their education and develop their pedagogical skills.

The SIVs in charge of this project are a small portion of a wider group of expert SIF volunteers. They collaborate with their international counterparts to develop expertise and capacity in a variety of industries, including healthcare and education. They support more profound cross-cultural understanding while assisting in the implementation of constructive, long-lasting change in international communities.


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