Shocking Facts Inspired Woman To Give Up Corporate Law And Start A Business Of Fresh Spices

12 Oct 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

If you talk about food, spices, or any other things, there is not a single item that can be found chemical-free. That’s why herbal and ayurvedic products have so much demand. In spices, nowadays, not only there are chemicals in them but most of the spices are full of coloring, they are not exactly the real color. It is making us so broken and unhealthy that is beyond imagination. Often, we can see in TV news that the turmeric powder is not the real turmeric but the food color and the same goes for the chili powder. Sometimes, many tests result, shows that black papaya seeds are being sold in the name of black pepper, and corn and grass seeds are being sold in name of poppy seeds. But how can we normal people can understand? Come to think of it every day we are inputting such horrible things to make our food tasty and spicy. Meher here brings us the solution, it is not only the best start-up but also a very good way of Self Sustainability. She is helping herself by earning money and consuming safe spices as well as, she is also helping us with it. An entrepreneur must know that these homemade, herbal products have really, really have a high demand in the market.



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