RGU Conducted Entrepreneurship Business Summit

05 Sep 2022
5 min read

News Synopsis

On Wednesday, the Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) Centre for Entrepreneurship and Department of Management, in collaboration with the Arunachal Pradesh Innovation and Investment Park (APIIP), hosted a one-day Entrepreneurship Business Summit.

The day saw the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between RGU and the IIM Calcutta's Innovation Park for mutual collaboration in promoting and realizing entrepreneurial opportunities in the region.

Prof. Saket Kushwaha, Vice Chancellor, spoke to the audience about the significance of "Innovation Parks" as a source of industry interaction and a credible venue for acquiring novel business ideas and entrepreneurial ventures. The Vice-Chancellor emphasized the necessity of fostering collaboration between academia and industry for the overall development of the region and the nation.

Dr. N T Rikam, the Registrar, emphasised the importance of combining entrepreneurship with an understanding of business fundamentals in order to expand career opportunities for Arunachali youth. He mentioned the Memorandum of Understanding that was to be signed between APIIP and the varsity.

Prof. Amitava Mitra, Pro-Vice Chancellor, emphasised how innovation and entrepreneurship could be the key to the state's overall development in the future. He remembered the 1990s as the decade of industrialization in Arunachal Pradesh. He explained that in the absence of the mutual insurance mechanism that existed in the state years ago, it was inevitable that the youth would now explore risk-bearing and self-employment opportunities rather than traditional modes of earning.


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