Remembering the Indian Soldiers In Dunkirk In World War 2

14 Sep 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

This is one of the serious issues that has now started to come up after so many years. We as Indians, praise our freedom fighters, leaders, and even our soldiers who faced the British forces despite their advanced armory and weapons. But we still miss out on the role of those who played an important role in World War 2. Many people think that India was not involved in the world war in any way, but the fact that there were soldiers who are sent to the battlefield of World War 2. Where, freedom fighters and revolutionaries were struggling with the British to make India and its people free, on the other side, There were Indian soldiers who participated in World War as well. on the second we can not abstain from the fact that our soldiers were not sent to the battlefields. So, although these soldiers didn’t march for miles or threw bombshells at the British government, they were still our Indian soldiers supporting India in their own way and it's a part of the history of India. After the partition in 1947, India was divided into India and Pakistan, we all know this but how an Indian Soldier Major Mohammad Akbar Khan (who became a senior officer in Pakistan after partition) played an important role in the evacuation of soldiers from Dunkirk.


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