Ola Creates History Set-up World s Largest All-Woman Plant In India

18 Sep 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

India had a share of more than 26% of women workforce in India, but due to the pandemic, this ratio has fallen down to 20.3%. The reason behind this fall can be more than just the pandemic. Today, when we are moving towards an innovative society there are still people who are stuck in the stereotype methods. Much of it comes from the collective bias of the Indian society and the rest is because of the lack of any infrastructure that would empower them. Society has evolved much and the role of women has shifted from housemakers to various professional fields and yet the number of women workforce remains low. Ola’s decision to open an all-woman factory is historic in this sense only. The decision taken by the company would push more women to go into various fields. It will also push companies and factories to employ more women at large. 

Ola opened their factory on full scale with over 10,000 women. Ola’s electric scooter has taken the market by storm since its release this week. The two variants of Ola’s electric scooter are S1 and S1 Pro, priced at 99,999 and 1,29,999 respectively, which has caused quite a stir amongst the Indian crowd. With petrol prices rising sky-high, the market for electric scooters has gone up substantially.


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