Nokia Unveils AVA Data Suite on Google Cloud, Revolutionizing AI/ML Development

18 Sep 2023
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News Synopsis

Espoo, Finland - On September 18, 2023, Nokia made a significant stride in the world of telecommunications by introducing its groundbreaking AVA Data Suite, strategically designed to operate seamlessly on Google Cloud.

This innovative collaboration aims to empower communication service providers (CSPs) and data scientists by providing standardized data solutions that expedite the development of AI and ML software applications.

Standardized Data for Enhanced Performance

Nokia AVA Data Suite extends a helping hand to CSPs and data scientists by delivering standardized, pre-correlated data product packages that encompass 4G, 5G, and fixed domains. This move is poised to accelerate the development of AI solutions, resulting in enhanced network performance, sustainability, improved subscriber experiences, and the exploration of new revenue streams.

The Synergy of Nokia and Google Cloud

Derived from Nokia's extensive experience in crafting numerous network and subscriber experience use cases, the AVA Data Suite seamlessly integrates with Google Cloud's BigQuery and Vertex AI. This powerful amalgamation paves the way for the creation of robust AI/ML use cases, driving innovation within the telecommunications industry.

BigQuery and Data Scalability

BigQuery, known for its scalable and serverless data warehouse architecture, can serve both as the data source and storage solution for the Nokia AVA Data Suite. This ensures data readiness and efficient handling of substantial datasets crucial for AI/ML applications.

Vertex AI: Building AI/ML Models

Vertex AI, on the other hand, serves as the infrastructure required for building and training AI/ML models. Nokia AVA Data Suite supplies correlated data to Vertex AI, facilitating the creation and fine-tuning of machine learning models optimized for specific use cases, such as network optimization and predictive maintenance.

Accelerating Data Standardization

One of the remarkable achievements of AVA Data Suite is its ability to dramatically reduce the time required for data standardization in AI/ML applications. Traditional methods often demanded an arduous four-month timeline, but AVA Data Suite has slashed this to a mere three to four weeks, marking a revolutionary transformation.

Embracing a New Data Architecture

AVA Data Suite operates in harmony with Nokia's AVA Open Analytics, an automation framework that guides CSPs in transitioning from monolithic, centralized data "lakes" to a hybrid data mesh architecture. This shift abstracts technical complexity and empowers data scientists to focus solely on meeting the requirements of their AI/ML use cases.

Analysys Mason's Principal Analyst, Adaora Okeleke, commented on the challenges faced by CSPs in AI/ML projects, including high costs and long lead times due to data preparation. She noted that Nokia's AVA Data Suite on Google Cloud would resolve these challenges by offering a suite of curated datasets for network and IT purposes, expediting AI/analytics model development and operations.

Paving the Way for AI Advancements

Vivek Gupta, Head of Telco AI Solutions and Partnerships at Google Cloud, expressed how the integration of Nokia AVA Data Suite with Google Cloud provides CSPs with a standard library of high-quality, reusable network and IT data products. This collaboration is set to unleash the full potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning for building, managing, and maintaining networks.

Hamdy Farid, Senior Vice President of Business Applications at Nokia, concluded by emphasizing how AVA Data Suite represents the company's commitment to providing deep intelligence across security, automation, and monetization solutions. The partnership with Google Cloud will accelerate AI/ML projects and propel CSPs closer to realizing zero-touch automation for managing and enhancing their network operations and services.

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